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For Counter-Strike GO


Download : Kryst4lMeth




EZfrags CS:GO Multihack v6.8

EZfrags CS:GO Multihack v6.8

- Triggerbot
- Aimbot
- Aimlock
- GlowESP (wallhack)
- Radarhack
- No flash hack
- Bunny hop

- Left ALT - hold LALT to lock onto an enemy
- SPACE - hold SPACE to use bunny hop
- MOUSE5 and Middle Mouse Button - triggerbot hold keys

- F6 - cycle through triggerbot modes (autofire, hold key, disabled)
- SHIFT+F6 - cycle through triggerbot delays (10, 30 - default, 50, 80, 110, 140)
- F7 - toggle aimbot
- SHIFT+F7 - toggle aimbot mode (rage/legit)
- F8 - toggle aimlock
- SHIFT+F8 - toggle aimlock target (head/chest)
- F9 - toggle GlowESP
- SHIFT+F9 - toggle radar hack
- F10 - toggle no flash hack
- F11 - toggle bunny hop

Download : EZfrags_CS:GO_Multihack_v6.8




PolyLoader 2.0

This is a compiler for hacks!!!

For users

How to use:
1. Download Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop
2. Download the PolyLoader
3. Download a hack file
4. Open the PolyLoader as admin
5. Select the hack file
6. Press compile

"Something went wrong when compiling the randomized source!":
Press the "View compiler output" checkbox and post the data of the console that opens.

Access denied:
Run as admin.

How to use VMProtect/Enigma etc...:
First you have to generate an exe using the loader for instance "PolyHack_RT.exe".
Now you can protect "PolyHack_RT.exe".

Download : Polyloader




[Novidade] Links novos

Bom dia a todos,

não é possivel atualizar todos os posts com links novos, por isso estou criando uma pagina dedicada com todos os links para todos os hacks. Por favor usem o seguinte link para baixar os cheats:

Downlad Center



there is no way I can update all posts to put live download links so I created a specific page with all files to be downloaded. Please check it here:

Downlad Center

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