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[Novidade] Links novos

Bom dia a todos,

não é possivel atualizar todos os posts com links novos, por isso estou criando uma pagina dedicada com todos os links para todos os hacks. Por favor usem o seguinte link para baixar os cheats:

Downlad Center



there is no way I can update all posts to put live download links so I created a specific page with all files to be downloaded. Please check it here:

Downlad Center


Zat’s External CSGO Multihack

Zat's External CSGO Multihack


[+] Light-rage (aim at anybody you spot or who spots you)
[+] Smooth aim (on/off)
[+] Compensate recoil when aiming (on/off)
[+] Target (enemies/allies/everyone)
[+] Method (nearest to crosshair/nearest to player/lowest hp)
[+] Radius (5-1000px, around crosshair)
[+] Speed (0-200%)
[+] Key (freely configurable)
[+] Sticky aim (on/off)
[+] Only aim at spotted enemies

[+] Target (enemies/allies/everyone)
[+] Active for sniper-rifles only (on/off)
[+] Delay (0-1000ms)
[+] Max recoil (0-25%)
[+] Max speed (0-30kmh)

[+] Display team (enemies/allies/everyone)
[+] Zoom-level (various)

[+] Display team (enemies/allies/everyone)
[+] Outline-glow (on/off)
[+] Draw name (on/off)
[+] Draw health (on/off)
[+] Draw distance (on/off)
[+] Draw box (on/off)
[+] Draw circle (on/off)
[+] Draw skeleton (on/off)
[+] Draw weapons (on/off)

[+] Interval/Speed (250ms - 5s)
[+] Range (10-500m)
[+] Sound (10 different sounds)
[+] Volume (0-100%)

[+] Draw target-data (on/off)
[+] Draw recoil-crosshair (on/off)

[+] Disable the name and perspective of people spectating you
[+] Disable aimbot when someone spectates in ego-perspective (on/off)
[+] Disable triggerbot when someone spectates in ego-perspective (on/off)

[Highlight players]
> Doesn't work atm

[+] Display information-panel (on/off)
[+] Autopistol (on/off)
[+] Bunnyhop (on/off)
[+] NoFLash (on/off)

[Recoil-Control (RCS)]
> Doesn't work atm

[+] Quick overview about
[+] Kills
[+] Deaths
[+] Score
[+] K/D-ratio of each player, displayed as bar-diagrams

[+] Unlimited number of config-files which can be independently loaded/saved
[+] Last saved config will automatically be loaded at the next startup

Run .exe through a .net obfuscator and then pack with Enigma Protector to stay UD. Otherwise a VAC ban is almost guaranteed. Run CS in Windowed/Full Screen Windowed with Aero on.

Recoil-Control and Highlight Players is currently broken, may fix in future. Aimbot has built-in RCS which is working. Don't post or pm Zat for support.


Download : Zat_s_External_CSGO_Raw.rar




Steam Hack v16.1

# Steam Hack v16.1
# Author - Gabe Newell
# Website -

# Steam Hack currently VAC3/HLG Proof only
# VAC3 Proof Since - March 2013 (Works after NEW upudate)

Features:               < Características
# Custom PanicKey
# Vector AimBot / AimKey / FOV, Smooth, DrawFOV, DrawVec
# BoxESP / DistanceESP / FarESP / NameESP / VisibleESP
# PlayerGlow / WallHack / ThirdPerson
# Radar / RadarPosition (X,Y,Thickness) / RadarColour (R/G/B/A)
# CrossHair (1/2/3/4) / CrossHairColour (R/G/B/A)
# FlashRemoval / FlashPercentage (0/100%)
# BunnyHop / BunnyHopKey
# RussianDuck (1 = RussianDuckKey / 2 = LCTRL)
# TimeAndDate
# LTFXSpeed / LTFXSpeedKey (0 = Off / Value divided by 5)
# Adjustable Configurations (In/Out Game)
# Non-Steam Compatible

[Update News]

[v16.1] Added: New Injector to fixed problems


# Polymorphism
# Module Hiding (Several)
# DLL/EXE Packed with UPX

[Instructions] < Como rodar
1: Start - Steam > CS 1.6 / CZ / Other ; TAB OUT
2: Start - .exe                        ; RETURN TO GAME
3: Press the PanicKey                  ; F12 (Default)

-português: Rode o steam e depois o CS/CZ.  Rode o Steam Hack v16.exe (ou ao contrário, primeiro o .exe e depois do CS). No meio do jogo aperte F12 para ativar o hack. Para mudar as configurações dele, abra o config.cfg no bloco de notas e mude os valores para 0 (desativar) e 1 (ativar).

# x32 / x64

# For Vista/Windows7 users;

* Run as Administrator
* Compatability mode XP
* Disable UAC
* Turn off WallHack


# If your AV detects this as a threat, it is a false positive


# Valve
# Steam
# Microsoft
# GameDeception
# MP-Hacks
# UnknownCheats
# Cheat-Project
# D3Scene
# Hack-Forums
# Many Others =]

Download : Steamhack16.1




SSW (Super Simple Wall) v7.3

SSW (Super Simple Wall) v7.3 ByAKA Jimster480

VAC2/VAC3 Proof As Of 1/6/12

Just a recompile beacuse some sites auto mark cheats as detected.

Been working on an ESEA Cheat for a while now. Here it is. LC Super Cheat. esea-hl1-multi-available-t3137.html

Compiled on VC97 as it yields better results.

All OGL API's wrapped. No direct calls anymore.
This means any anticheats that are trying to see or block cheat functions will have a hard time doing so.

ESEA/ESL/ECO/CEVO/VAC/VAC2/VAC3/SSC/ESC/OCT Private Hacks Available Check or msg me on (if I don't respond then send me an email or just leave me a message)

Private Builds Will Be Released Randomly @ #cs1.6 on, So Idle And Get Free Privates (To All Idlers)

Remind me to Release Private Builds, If Noone Asks, I rarely Release

How To Use     < Como usar
Extract Archive To Anywhere But CS/Steam Folder
Click Load
Run Any HL1 Game (Some People Can Run EXE & Load While Ingame)

Extraia os arquivos em qualquer lugar, menos na pasta do steam
Rode o executável
Aperte em “load”
Rode o jogo

(pode tentar também rodar primeiramente o jogo e depois o hack)

Features       < Características
Perfect Depthrange Style Walls
NoAds (Banners Above Scoreboard & Banners On Walls)
F8 (Toggle Crosshair On/Off)
F9 (Toggle Walls DR/ASUS/Off)
F10 (Toggle NoSky On/Off)
F11 (Toggle NoFlash On/Off)
F12 (Toggle Lambert On/Off)
Works In All Games On The HL1 Engine.

Workarounds < Ajudas caso aconteça algum problema
Try disabling steam communities In-game GUI
If you get a cl_dll error, open the game then once the start page has loaded, load SSW
If your game hangs when trying to join a server, start the game, join the server,
before you choose a team, load SSW
If your game crashes when trying to inject SSW, make sure its allowed in your AV

-português: Tente desabilitar o steam comuunities do “in-game” do CS
se vc receber um erro de cl_dll, abra primeiro o jogo e depois o ssw
se o seu jogo congelar/travar enquanto for entrar em um server, inicie o jogo e entre no servidor, antes de escolher um time abra o SSW
Se o seu jogo trava(da erro) quando está injetando o SSW, tenha certeza de permitir o SSW no seu Antivirus

Anyone Else I forgot You Know Who You Are


Support IRC #cs1.6
Support at

Download : SSW7.3



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