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n0manc0rz four

Name.............: n0manc0rz
Version..........: four
VAC2 Status......: Proof (Last check: 07.07.2008)
HLGUARD Status...: Proof
SOUNDCHECK Status: Proof
OffSets Status...: Working (Last update: 15.04.2008)

Compatible.......: Steam/NoSteam v23b/v3x - WinXP/Vista - CS1.6/CSCZ
Max Resolution...: 1024x768 or less

Developed by: PlastiKe

Features - Características

+ Aimbot
-> full aimbot features
+ WallHack (2 types)
-> wallhack percent transwalls/players/wpns
+ BoxESP (Intelligent)
-> view player-color-box into walls
+ Lambert
-> iluminate players
+ NoFlash/NoSmoke
-> desactivate flashbang and smoke effects for you
+ Crosshair
-> for awp/scout and similar...

Binds - Comandos

Menu = Supr/Del (Default key)
Navigation = Arrows, Mouse Wheel
Selection = Arrows or Mouse clicks (Mouse1, Mouse2)

Menu= Del
Navegação = Setas e Rolagem no Mouse
Seleção = Setas e Cliques do mouse

Instructions - Instruções

- Run "Steam.exe" or "NoSteam.exe"
- Join Counter-Strike 1.6 or CSCZ
- In Game press Supr/Del (Default key) for show menu
- Enable your favorites features
- Enjoy!

- Rode "Steam.exe" ou "NoSteam.exe"
- Entre no CS 1.6 ou no CZ
- No meio do jogo aperte Del para abrir o menu
- Ative as funções que você quiser
- Aproveite!


four @ 07.07.2008:
added full aimbot features
fixed windows vista inyection problems
internal code cleaned

Download : n0manc0rzfour

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