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tokyo drift – v1.0

LETS P0WN T3h N0obS - HOW t0 h4xX ^^

- Como Usar

1) Start tokyo.exe or counterstrike
2) Start counterstrike or tokyo.exe

1) Rode o tokyo.exe ou o counterstrike
2) Rode counterstrike ou o tokyo.exe

F11: Cheatmenu

F12: Panickey


- Aimbot Features -
x aimtype (1 = SetCursorPos/ 2 = SetViewAngles)
x Silent (only specs and deathcam see the aimbot)
x hitbox (aims at hitbox)
x Key (mouse 1 / 2 / 0 = off)
x Fov (area in percent in which the aimbot aims for an enemy)
x Draw Spot (draws the spot)

- ESP Features -
x boxsize (boxsize)
x hitesp (activate/deactivate)
x faresp (time in seconds, how long the boxes stay 0 = off)
x espmode (type of boxes)
x name (shows the playernames)

- Visual Features -
x xqz (model wallhack)
x noflash (no flash)
x nosmoke (no smoke)

- Further Features -
x bhop (auto jumping)
x no recoil (no recoil>
x speedhack (faster than normal)
Known Bugs - Bugs conhecidos:

- to user ingame mouse, set steam freinds off

- Para usar o mouse no meio do jogo, desative os friends(amigos) no steam




Download : tokyodriftv1.0




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  2. cara os xiter da certo mais quando to no meio do jogo trava o cs e tem que fechar o programa pq isso?

  3. sorry dude its working finally sorry for bad coment

  4. what button press to speedhack???

  5. Speedhack didn´t worked for me but it should be at mouses button (or even scroll button)

  6. I tryed to run it, and this shows up ”dll couldn’t be found”, what should I do? :/

    • see if the dll is named as tokio.dll and it is at the same folder of the .exe (it should be). if you are using win vista/7, try to run compatibility mode (as Win XP) and run the .exe as administrator (right button over the .exe and -> Run as Administrator)

      (i hope you are trying to use it with non-steam, this cheat is not vac2 proof anymore)

  7. scroll down and you will find the “DOWNLOAD ….” links, choose the one that is best for you

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