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OGC FX v3.1 by Sruh

OGC FX v3.1 by Sruh (Public Edition) :: Endorphine Coding Crew ::

Client Multihack: VAC Secure - 02 Mar 2008

Works for CS 1.6 / CZ and some other HL 1 Mods
Funciona em CS 1.6 / CZ e em alguns outros Mods para HL1


OGC FX v3:

Vector and Bone Aimbot
GANS v5 Nospread
NO Recoil
Full Player ESP / Sound ESP / Gait Sequence ESP / Barrels
ASUS / XQZ /Wireframe Wallhacks
Some Visual Stuff like Playerglow
Grenade Dodge
PEB added (VAC)
and many more...


OGC FX v3.1 (update):

Fixed Aimbot Bugs
Removed Speedhack (sucks anyways)
Menu is fixed and has Auto Save Function now. (Manual Crashed)
Removed Level Change Bug
Sound ESP fixed

Keys - Botões:

Insert = Menu
Del = Console


Download : OGCFXv3.1


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