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Take no Prisoners v2.0

Take no Prisoners v2.0
By d3n!aL

.:: [Starting the hack / Como rodar o hack]

1. Run TnP.exe - Rode o TnP.exe
2. Start Counter-Strike 1.6 or Condition Zero - Rode o CS ou CZ
3. Join a game - Entre em algum servidor

.:: [Menu and console / Menu e console - Botões]

You can acess the menu with the insert key and the console with the delete key. Use the
mouse or arrow keys to navigate through the menu.

Você pode acessar o menu com o botão "insert" e pode acessar o console com o botão "delete". Use o mouse ou as setas do teclado para navegar no menu.

.:: [Feature list / Características]

Autoaim - automatically aim at the target
Aimkey - select which mouse button will activate the aimbot, ranges from 1-3
Autoshoot - automatically shoot at a target
Autowall - aim through the walls at a target if you are capable of causing damage
Aimthru - aim through the walls even if you can't hit the target
Silent aim - aiming is not visible to your client
Fov - determines whether or not your aimbot will "do a 360" and aim at people behind you, ranges from 1-4
Hitbox - 1 = head / 2 = low head / 3 = chest / 4 = stomach (choose which hitbox to aim at)
Team - 1 = aim at enemies / 2 = aim at friends / 3 = aim at everyone
Lock - the aimbot locks on to a player and won't "jump around" as long as that player is a valid target
Draw aimspot - draw the spot where the aimbot will aim
Prediction - helps predict the target for slow computers
Predahead - prediction modifier
Predback - prediction modifier
Adjust height - adjust hitbox height
Adjust forward - forward hitbox adjustment
Adjust right - right hitbox adjustment

Name ESP - draws the player names
Weapon ESP - draws which weapon the player has
Box ESP - draws either a box proportional to the players size or a static box, ranges from 1-2
Entity ESP - draws weapon names and C4 on the ground
Wallhack - draws players through walls
Lambert - keeps the player models bright, even when the player is in a shadow
Fullbright - makes the whole level brightly lit
White walls - the textures are stripped from the walls, making them white
Outlined walls - the walls have an outlined effect
HUD color - colors your HUD a bluish color
Third person - changes your perspective to third person
Quake guns - the guns are repositioned to the center of your screen
Player lights - the players emit colored lights
Player glow - the player glows
Weapon glow - the weapon model glows a bluish color
Crosshair - extra crosshair, ranges from 1-2
Radar - shows the location of friends and enemies, 1 = normal / 2 = overview

Speed - sets a basic speed, ranges from 1-8
Speed key - sets a mouse button to activate speed, ranges from 1-3
Auto speed - sets a speed for when your shooting, ranges from 1-8
Knive speed - speed is activated when you attack with your knife
Reload speed - speed is activated whenever you reload

Nospread - helps to minimize bullet spread, 1 = always on / 2 = on only while aimbot is locked
Anti-recoil - helps to minimize gun recoil, ranges from 1-3
Autorecoil - automatically sets the recoil value depending on the gun
Anti-flash - removes the flashbang effect
Anti-smoke - removes the smoke grenade effect
Anti-scope - removes the sniper scope blackout
No sky - removes the sky

Kill stats - you announce who you killed, with what weapon, and if it was a headshot
Name copier - you steal the players name that your aimbot is locked on to
Bunny hop - this allows you to bunny hop if you hold the jump button
Auto pistol - this allows you to quickly fire a pistol by holding down the attack key, instead of hitting it many times
Buybot - this automatically buys your weapons for you

Download : TakenoPrisonersv2.0

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