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Detectionzer0 Ragehack v1 Ragehack v1



[Features]        < Características

Hitbox Aimbot

Tickrate Prediction



Visual recoil

Name Esp/Weapon Esp/Health Esp

XQZ Wallhack

[How To Launch] < Como usar:

Start dzpublic.exe
Start hl2.exe
-português: Rode o dzpublic.exe, depois rode o CSS.

Download : Detectionzer0Ragehackv1



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Simple Cheatserver-Hack v3.2x

Simple Cheatserver-Hack v3.2x by b2k5

1. How to use?            < Como usar?
a) Launch SCSH.exe
b) Launch CS1.6 or CZ
c) Join a Server
-português: Rode o SCSH.exe; Abra o CS ou CZ e entre em um servidor

2. Features
a) NameESP
b) WeaponESP
c) BarrelESP
d) VisibleESP
e) SoundESP
f) AvDraw
g) Autoaim
h) NoSpread
i) NoRecoil
j) ASUS Wallhack
k) Speed (2x)

3. No There is no Menu and no Console!
This cheat is preconfigured.
(Não há menu nem console. O cheat já vem configurado)

4. Credits & Greets
a) P47R!cK
b) wav
c) Gordon
e) h1web
f) xgx
g) nRw|Cr3w`
i) &

5. Have fun!

Download : SimpleCheatserver-Hackv3.2x





AbsoHack June 18th, 2009
1) Unzip anywhere except your steam directory.
2) Launch AbsoHack.exe, then launch any steamworks hl1 based game.
3) Wait for the loader to close.
4) Play.

-Como usar - português:
1 – Extraia o arquivo em qualquer pasta
2 – Rode o Absohack.exe, e execute qualquer jogo para hl1 (apenas steam)
3 – Espere o loader fechar
4 – Jogue

Notes: This may get you vac detected (99.5% chance not though)
However... if for some reason you do, I'm not responsible
nore are any of my affiliates.
(Nota: Isto pode fazer você ser detectado pelo vac, 99,% de não ser detectado. Entretanto…se por alguma razão você for detectado, eu não sou responsável e nenhum dos meus afiliados)

Changelog: ->
- Updated to AbsoUI
- Many bugs fixed/introduced
- AbsoHack.xml introduced to save settings
- Many other architectural changes ->
- Fixed the commandmenu
- Added the ability to change esp settings
- Boxes
- Model Name
- Distance
- Weapon Name
- Player Name ->
- Fixed model recognition ->
- Weapon names are no longer prefixed with "models/" ->
- Added no recoil
- Removed the majority of smoke grenades
- Removed flashbang effects ->
- SDK Update
- Fixed crazy post build bug that packed the wrong file into the exe ->
- Fixed the loader, shouldn't give a side-by-side configuration error.
- Loader shouldn't give "Could not access the target process." on xp, thanks ozzeh ->
- Added lambert modes
- Fixed wallhack clear color, can be adjusted in settings.cfg
- Added wav to credits cause he's a little bitch
- Other various fixes ->
- Wallhacks added
- White walls/inverted lighting added
- Wireframe modes added ->
- ESP (Names, Weapons, Models, Distance)
- Initial Release

Credits (No order):
- System
- Bunny771
- Absolution
- LanceVorgin
- Azorbix
- liuzewei
- UNI (pie lover)
- pat0
- Tetsuo
- PizzaPan
- Xen
- Da Buzz
- wav
- mattdog
- dom
- Plastique
- Puma
- hebe
- Hybrid
- osGB`
- Crusader
- Banana
- xKOREx
- VsPrfctn
- Tabris
- goozeman
- ozzeh
- RunningBon
- 2ci
- Helios
- panzer
- BadHAL
- Pharlap
- Kakarot
- c0re
- +Everyone at G-D and OGC.

Features:            < Características
- Weapon, distance, entity
- 6 Different wallhacks
- White walls
- Inverted lighting
- Wireframe world/models
- Transparent tacticle shield
- Semi transparent entities
- Winamp Support
- No flash/smoke
- No recoil

Whats comming:
- Aimbot
- No spread
- Etc etc etc

ATUALIZAÇÃO (UPDATE): Estou postando a versão modificava (configurações modificadas) feitos por Miguel <3 Lya, para todos que estavam tendo dificuldades em usar o cheat. Muito obrigado!!
(I´m editing and releasing here the modded configs version of this hack, these modifications were made by Miguel <3 Lya and it is good if someone have trouble to use this cheat. Thanks!)

Download : AbsoHack9.1.0.13



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SSW (Super Simple Wall) v6.2

SSW (Super Simple Wall) v6.2 By <:PrOdIgY:> AKA Jimster480

VAC2 Proof  As Of 5/30/09

Important               < Importante
SSW's Extention has changed to ! Because of a steam block/bug on .dll Injection. So a new extention was required. Enjoy!
("A extensão do SSW mudou para ! por causa de um bug/bloqueio do steam com a injeção de um .dll. Então uma nova extensão foi necessária. Aproveitem!")
How To Use             < Como usar
Extract Archive To Anywhere But CS/Steam Folder
Click Load
Run Any HL1 Game (Some People Can Run EXE & Load While Ingame)

Extraia os arquivos em qualquer lugar, menos na pasta do steam
Rode o executável
Aperte em “load”
Rode o jogo

(pode tentar também rodar primeiramente o jogo e depois o hack)

Features            < Características
Perfect Depthrange Style Walls
NoAds (Banners Above Scoreboard & Banners On Walls)
F8 (Toggle Crosshair)
F9 (Toggle Walls)
F10 (Toggle NoSky On/Off)
F11 (Toggle NoFlash On/Off)
F12 (Toggle Lambert On/Off)
Works In All Games On The HL1 Engine.

Anyone Else I forgot You Know Who You Are


Download : SSW6.2



OBS: algumas pessoas já relataram que foram banidas, é melhor não arriscar, NÃO USEM, esperem uma nova versão.
(some users already reported that they got banned, it is better wait for one new version, DON´T USE IT.)


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