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[Video] Headzots 2.4

-Português: Mais um vídeo feito de um cheat para Non-steam (apenas) chamado Headzots 2.4.

-English: Another video made of a non-steam (only) cheat called Headzots 2.4.



SXE 11.X Injector + Wall

-Português: Esse é apenas um loader novo que o karman fez (para substituir o do cocodrilo, que dava um monte de alerta no virus total) junto com um wallhack + speedhack antigo do cocodrilo que ainda funciona.

- Extraia os arquivos
- Rode o EXE
- Clique em Load
- Rode o CS
E aperte F12 para selecionar o DLL do cheat que vc escolher.

O wallhack+speed que vem junto(wallhack.dll) é ativado com as teclas:

F2: Ativa o wall
F3: Ativa o speed
+/-: regula speed

-English: This is only a new injector for SXE 11 with an old cheat from Cocodrilo (wallhack+speedhack) that still works. This is how it works:

How To Use:
- Extract Archives
- Run EXE
- Click Load
- Run Any HL1 Game

And the wallhack+speed:
F2: Activate wall
F3: Activate speed
+/-: Change speed

Download : SXE11.XInjector+Wall




SSW 7.0 for SXE 11.7 ?

-Português: Eu estava no forum do karman e vi um post de um dos membros afirmando que conseguiu rodar o ssw 7.0 no sxe 11.7, não sei se é verdade mesmo pois não funcionou comigo mas quem estiver afimé só tentar e rodar:

-English: I was at karman´s forum and some of the members posted that SSW 7.0 worked at SXE 11.7. I didn´t work for me but if you are willing to try:

But anyway, i guess there is no much chance to that work


Steam Hack v16

Steam Hack v16
Author - Gabe Newell
Website -

[Private Cheats]

1: Overlay Radar & Aimbot (CS/CS:S)
#: Undetected on all Anticheats!
#: 400 Euros (12 Months)

2: CS 1.6 League Aimbot
#: Undetected on 99% of Anticheats!
#: 50 Euros (Lifetime)

Contact "aiwnjoo" at the following sites;



# Steam Hack currently VAC3/HLG Proof only

# VAC3 Proof Since - March 2011

Features:               < Características

# Custom PanicKey
# Vector AimBot / AimKey / FOV, Smooth, DrawFOV, DrawVec
# BoxESP / DistanceESP / FarESP / NameESP / VisibleESP
# PlayerGlow / WallHack / ThirdPerson
# Radar / RadarPosition (X,Y,Thickness) / RadarColour (R/G/B/A)
# CrossHair (1/2/3/4) / CrossHairColour (R/G/B/A)
# FlashRemoval / FlashPercentage (0/100%)
# BunnyHop / BunnyHopKey
# RussianDuck (1 = RussianDuckKey / 2 = LCTRL)
# TimeAndDate
# LTFXSpeed / LTFXSpeedKey (0 = Off / Value divided by 5)
# Adjustable Configurations (In/Out Game)
# Non-Steam Compatible

[Update News]

[v16] Added: Non-Steam Support


# Polymorphism
# Module Hiding (Several)
# DLL/EXE Packed with UPX

[Instructions] < Como rodar

1: Start - Steam > CS 1.6 / CZ / Other ; TAB OUT
2: Start - .exe                        ; RETURN TO GAME
3: Press the PanicKey                  ; F12 (Default)

-português: Rode o steam e depois o CS/CZ.  Rode o Steam Hack v16.exe (ou ao contrário, primeiro o Steam Hack v16.exe e depois do CS). No meio do jogo aperte F12 para ativar o hack. Para mudar as configurações dele, abra o config.cfg no bloco de notas e mude os valores para 0 (desativar) e 1 (ativar).


# x32 / x64
# For Vista/Windows7 users;

* Run as Administrator
* Compatability mode XP
* Disable UAC
* Turn off WallHack

-português: para rodar com vista/win7 faça o seguinte: Rode como adminstrador, coloque o modo de compatibilidade para XP, desative o UAC e desative o wallhackXP[Other]

# If your AV detects this as a threat, it is a false positive


# Valve
# Steam
# Microsoft
# GameDeception
# MP-Hacks
# Cheat-Project
# D3Scene
# Hack-Forums
# Many Others =]


Download : SteamHackv16



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