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Basic hack v4.1

Basic hack v4.1 by xgx

Features - Características:

- Smooth Vector/Bone Aimbot

- Full ESP ( Namen,Weapon,Distance,Visible,Far)

- polymorph,peb hiding to prevent VAC detection
(polymorfismo, ajuda a proteger o hack contra o VAC)


USAGE - Como usar:

- extract,start loader.exe,start cs
- Extraia (em qualquer lugar), rode o loader.exe e rode o CS


Download : Basichackv4.1


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n0manc0rz one

Name.............: n0manc0rz
Version..........: one
VAC2 Status......: Proof (15.04.2008 )
HLGUARD Status...: Proof
SOUNDCHECK Status: Proof
OffSets Status...: Working (15.04.2008 )

Compatible - Compatibilidade .......: Steam/NoSteam v23b/v32 - WinXP - CS1.6/CSCZ
Max Resolution...: 1024x768 or less

Developed by: PlastiKe

Features - Características

+ WallHack (2 types)
-> wallhack percent transwalls/players/wpns

+ BoxESP (Intelligent)
-> view player-color-box into walls

+ Lambert
-> iluminate players

+ NoFlash/NoSmoke
-> desactivate flashbang and smoke effects for you

+ Crosshair
-> for awp/scout and similar...

Binds - Teclas

Menu = Supr/Del (Default key)
Navigation = Arrows, Mouse Wheel
Selection = Arrows or Mouse clicks (Mouse1, Mouse2)

How-To Use - Como usar

- Run "Steam.exe" or "NoSteam.exe"
- Join Counter-Strike 1.6 or CSCZ
- In Game press Supr/Del (Default key) for show menu
- Enable your favorites features
- Enjoy!

- Rode "Steam.exe" ou "NoSteam.exe"
- Entre no CS 1.6 ou CZ
- Aperte Del para abrir o menu
- Ative os hacks preferidos


one @ 15.04.2008:
added crosshair
updated offsets for steam

alpha @ 10.04.2008:
virus polimorph disinfected

alpha @ 06.04.2008:
added xqz wallhack
new dll hidden method

beta @ 20.03.2008:
release hack

Download : ze4MICROHook




ze4 MICRO Hook – Public Version

ELEASE DATE: 04/13/2008
LAST UPDATE: 04/15/2008
ze4 MICRO Hook - Public Version

coded by [JAPS]ze4

[Works for all Windows Systems] - Funciona em todas as versões do Windows

You need .Net Framework for this Hack - Você precisa ter o .Net Framework instalado para rodar esse hack.
Download it here - Download aqui:

Secured for - A prova de:
VAC, VAC2, HLGUARD, SoundCheck

Features - Características:

- Smoothaimbot
- Menu
- Panickey

Install - Instalação:
Extract ALL Files into the Same folder anywhere on your HDD!
Extraia todos os arquivos em uma mesma pasta em qualquer lugar do seu HD.

Usage - Modo de usar:
- Run Counterstrike
- Join a Server
- Switch into Windows
- Run ze4_micro.exe
- Switch back to CS, if should work now
- "F12" Panic key
- "Delete" Menu key

- Rode o CS
- Entre em um servidor
- Volte para o windows
- Rode o ze4_micro.exe
- Volte para o CS, o hack deve funcionar agora
- "F12" Botão de pânico
- "Delete" Botão de menu

ze4 MICRO Hook - Public Version
coded by [JAPS]ze4

[Läuft auf allen Windows PCs]

Das .Net Framework von Microsoft wird benötigt

Sicher auf Servern mit:

VAC, VAC2, HLGUARD, SoundCheck


- Smoothaimbot
- Menu
- Panic


Extrahiert alle Dateien aus der ZIP File in einen Ordner auf eurer Festplatte

- Starte Counter-Strike
- Betrete einen Server
- Gehe zurück in Windows
- Starte ze4_micro.exe
- Gehe zurück in CS, der Hack sollte nun laufen
- "F12" Ein/aus
- "ENTF" Menü
Codet by [JAPS]ze4

Download : n0manc0rzone


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3 Wallhacks

This is a hack made by Cyph3r

Esse hack roda apenas em OpenGL
This hack works only using OpenGL

FEATURES - Características
Flautz Wallhack
XQZ Wallhack
ASUS Wallhack

Installation - Instalação
1. Place opengl32.dll in your CS folder (for example : C:\Program Files\Valve)

1- Coloque o opengl32.dll na pasta do CS (por exemplo: C:\Arquivos de programas\Valve)

How to use - Como usar
1. Start CS
2. Join Server
3. Press f1 to toggle wallhacks

1 - Rode o CS
2 - Entre em um servidor
3 - Aperte F1 para ativar os wallhacks

Its VAC proof as of 3/12/2005 mm dd yyyy


Cyph3r- for making this hack
FaTaLeRoR-  For writing readme and requesting it (LOL)

Download : 3Wallhacks




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