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NXG CSS V3.0 Public

Thanks for choosing NexGen!

NXG - Simple Hacks 2010-2011


Running The cheat:                     < Como usar

1. Double click the NXGCSS loader
2. Select a server to join and click connect
3. Hit INSERT to bring up the menu
8. Use the arrow keys to navigate the menu.
9. Have fun!

-português: Rode o loader do NXGCSS. Entre no CSS e entre em algum server. Para abrir o menu aperte insert e use as setas do teclado para mover pelo menu.

Feature List:                   < Características

Chams (Only 1 option for public)
Crosshair (8 to choose from)
Hands (Chamed, Wireframe, or Removed)
FullBright (Fullbright Models)
No Fog (Fog Removed)
Aimbot (VIP ONLY)
Aim Key (VIP ONLY)
Aim Radius (VIP ONLY)
Aim Autoshoot (VIP ONLY)
Info Box (Displays Settings)
Weapon Chams (Chamed, Wireframe, or Removed)
WireFrame Chams (Wireframe Players With Cham - 1 Color For Public)
XQZ Wallhack (Absolutely Perfect Player Wallhack)
Remove Smoke (Remove Smoke, Wireframe Smoke)
Sniper Overlay (Remove Sniper Overlay - Disabled)
Recoil Reducer (VIP ONLY)
Help Box! (Displays A GUI Box With Description Of All Features Ingame)
Move Menu (Move The Menu Via Your Mouse - DO NOT TURN ON MOVE STATS IF THIS IS ON!)
Move Stats (Move The Infobox Via Your Mouse - DO NOT TURN ON MOVE MENU IF THIS IS ON!)
Save Options (Save Your Options)
Load Options (Load Your Options)

*Our cheats require you to have microsoft .net framework 3.5 installed. If you are running XP you should
already have this. If you are using vista or windows7 then you will need to install microsoft .net framework
3.5 compact.*

Net Framework 3.5:


Download : NXGCSSV3.0




CSS Materials Wallhack v4

Materials Wallhack v4

Features:                         < Características
No Sky
No Hand
Wall Hack
Color Models
All Maps Transparent

Installation                       < Instalação
1: Pour commencer extraire le dossier materials du fichier .rar
2: Une fois avoir récuperer le dossier materials aller dans votre dossier cstrike, emplacement ci-dessous
- Steam\Steamapps\Nom_de_Compte\Counter_Strike_Source\Cstrike...
3: Placez le dossier materials à l'intérieur de votre dossier cstrike
Voilà installation terminer !

--português: Extraia os arquivos do .rar em alguma pasta de sua escolha (nova de preferencia). Vá na pasta do seu CSS e faça um backup da sua pasta chamada "materials"(geralmente encontrada em - Steam\Steamapps\Seu login\Counter_Strike_Source\Cstrike...). Depois disso copie as pastas do cheat e cole na pasta do seu CSS, ele vai substituir algumas pastas. Agora o cheat foi instalado.

Name: Materials Wallhack
Version: 4
Author: Messina
Date: 19/05/2011

Download : CSSMaterialsWallhackv4




Kartoffel Hack 4.1

Kartoffel Hack by -tmh- , Design by RDX
Version : 4.1 (19.12.2009)

VAC² Status: secure (No ban since 27.05.2007)

Features:           < Características

sv_cheat Bypass
sv_consistency Bypass
sv_pure 1 Bypass
cvar Bypass
No flash
No smoke
no sky
no colour
Wireframe WH
Chrome Mode
Grey Mode
Get it 1.6
Headshot Helper
Sniper Cross
No Scope
Sniper Pro
Radar Health
Radar Trace
3rd Person
No Rain
Over your head
Show Impacts
Screen Cleaner
Speed Hack -
Speed Hack +
Speed Hack ++
Enable Hotkeys
Panic Key
Settings ( ini file)
Anti Detoxx
Minimize to Tray
Save Feature

New :              < Novidades
- some small bugfixxes
- need more win7 tester
- some win7 bugs fixxed
- changed patching method

The Kartoffel-Hack private edition will be released at 24.12.2009.
You will get all information you need at:

Remember:            < Lembrete
Do not activate/deactivate any feature while playing on a server!
(português: Lembre-se: NÂO desative/ative qualquer opção do cheat enquanto estiver em um server!)



greetZ to all my supporters like
CampStaff (
Danlon (

Thanks for supporting my cheat 😉

How to start :          < Como usar
1. Use Winrar to unpack the .rar file
2. Read the instruction ( Help)
português: descompacte o arquivo, rode o .exe e veja os comandos no help do hack

Thanks, Shouts, Support :

Download : KartoffelHack4.1




[BLG] CSS Public V5

Version 5.0 of our public cheat. Added 2d fully adjustable radar!, Removed in file .ini file

FEATURES:      < Características

Aim Style (Bone | Vector)
Aimbot Adjustments (Height, Right, Forward)
No Recoil
No Spread
Manual Recoil
Manual Recoil Adjustments
No Flash
No Smoke
No Hands
Sky Removal
Weapon Esp
Entity Esp
XQZ Models
Health Esp
Armor Esp
Health Bar
Armor Bar
Box Esp
Auto Pistol
Anti_Anti_Aim (V.I.P Only Feature)
No Visual Recoil
Speed Hack
Speed Hack Adjustments
Unconnected Aim
Menu Descriptions
Smooth Aim
Stats Box
Aim Key
Weapon Sprites
Fountain Esp
White Walls
Enemy Only Esp
Distance Esp
Autowall (V.I.P Only Feature)
Team Killer
D3D Chams (v.i.p version only! Pub Version Has Simple Glowing Models)
D3D Colored Weapons
Enemy Warnings (V.I.P. version has customized placements for this)
2D radar (Fully Adjustable placement,size,range)

Sobeit (hybrid engine/d3d idea used for chams)
Parsefloat (Old Endvac friend)
Blad3_x (Sticking with me all these years, putting up with me being an ******* )
Bunny (Great friend)
Game Deception (Used to be a good place for coders, now just a place for *******s to hang out) and g0dlike (Good friend , oldschooler like myself, very skilled coder)
Campstaff (Great old freind and supporter of all the sites I have put up)
Clan [HS], been a long time we been around and still kicking.
[HS] spec_duck , original creator of the clan and a great guy.
Flashbandit, freehand, noob123, anyone else who helps on the site.
c0re (Good coder, great friend)
Hoochie, vance, lance, w0rf, all you old Endvac bastards I know your out there somewhere, good times.
Wav (old friend , excellent coder, we had some nice games on the old PM server and some good times you got any of those old screens anymore?)
Rulesofdiving (Help With vac code)

Whoever else i may have forgot sorry, let me know and you will be added.

Download : [BLG]CSSPublicV5



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