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Crianosfera hack v21 by eVOL

This is a source-code, you might have to compile it

Download : Crianosferav21




PolyLoader Multihack 2.0

STATUS: UNDETECTED - To make it safer for yourself, recompile daily.
Features :
Force Aim
Panic Key

Requirements :
Microsoft Visual Studio
Merccy's Poly Loader v2.0

Instructions :
1. Open Polyloader, and select your hack file (.zip)
2. Compile the hack
3. Open CS:GO
4. Open Multihack.exe
5. Set your hotkeys
6. Test that the compile worked in a casual deathmatch

Credits :
Merccy - Radar/Poly Loader

Download : Polyloader_Multihack2.0




Iniuria CSS Release D

Iniuria CSS Release D the new I-Love-iT CSS
MPH Release

VAC2 = Proof 15.08.2009
Blackeye = Proof 15.08.2009
Aquitas = I don't rightly know
Usage:    < Comou usar
1. Open Iniuria CSS Release D.exe
2. Start Counter-Strike Source
3. Join Game
4. Press F12
5. Press ins for menu
6. Visit us (

-português: Rode o Iniuria CSS Release D.exe.
Entre no CSS e depois entre em um server.
Aperte F12
Aperte Insert para abrir o menu

Features: D                        < Características
- Aimbot (Hitbox, Pixelaimbot, Smooth, StealthAim, Recoil,NoSpread, Aimtime)
- Aimmode ( 1 = Pixelaim with SetCursorPos, 2 = Pixelaim with Mouse_event, 3 = Hitbox aimbot)
- Triggerbot (1 = Head, 2 = Chest, 3 = All)
- ESP (Box, Name, Skeletal, Visible, Distance, Health, Entity, AVDraw, Radar)
- Misc (Bunnyhop, Autopistol, Crosshair, Knifebot)
Changelog: D
- Fix aimbot

Changelog: C
- Added AimTime
- Added NoSpread (crap)
- Fix some bugs 😉
- VAC Security
Changelog: B
- Added KnifeHack
- Fix Recoil
- Fix some bugs 😉
- VAC Security

Download : IniuriaCSSReleaseD



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Kartoffel CSS Hack 2.9

Kartoffel Hack by -tmh- , Design by Tron
Version : 2.9 (06.02.2009)
VAC2 Status: secure (No ban since > 613 days)

So many people wanted an update, because of the Counter-Strike Source update last week. The Kartoffel-Hack was still undeteced and worked fine 🙂 !
So this is just a update with some fixxes 🙂 !

Features: < Características

sv_cheat Bypass
sv_consistency Bypass
sv_pure 1 Bypass
No flash
No smoke
no sky
no colour
Wireframe WH
Chrome Mode
Grey Mode
Get it 1.6
Headshot Helper
Sniper Cross
No Scope
Sniper Pro
Radar Health
3rd Person
Screen Cleaner
No Rain
Over your head
Speed Hack -
Speed Hack +
Speed Hack ++
Enable Hotkeys
Panic Key
Settings ( ini file)

New :
- Some bugs fixxed


Download : KartoffelCSSHack2.9



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