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[Video] Project VDC: Catalyst 1.21

-Português: Ainda não morremos! Mais um vídeo postado para CS Non-steam, é o Project VDC. Infelizmente não anda saindo muita coisa para CS nestes ultimos meses, mas estamos no aguardo de novidades!

-English: We are no dead yet! Another video uploaded of this non-steam cheat called Project VDC.



Non-steam Cheats (Atualizado: 04.03.2012)


Todos esses cheats são detectados pelo VAC2/3 mas ainda podem funcionar no CS Non-steam. Alguns podem ser detectados como virus, veja o SCAN antes ou mande novamente para fazer scan já que alguns scan são velhos.


All these cheats are vac2 detected but you can still use some of them at CS Non-steam. Some of them are detected as virus, please see the SCAN first or even scan again since some of these scans are old.

3 Wallhacks (ASUS Wallhack, XQZ Wallhack, Flautz Wallhack)

Fighter FX 666 Special Edition

Fighter FX 7.2

Four Seasons Hack 0.4 Beta

Four Seasons Hack 0.5 Beta

Furious SP 11.07

ECC 5.2

ECC 5.3

BaDBoY v5

Project Mayhem 3.02

Project Mayhem 3.0

Project VDC: Catalyst Version 1.21

OGC BEGINS v11 Public Version 1.7

OGC FX v3.3

PLWH - End Project

OGC FX v3.2

PLWH 3.0

s7eal7h v1.0

bR PiRaTeX

Levita GS 1.0

Hypnotick Hook v2.4.2




CDHack 5.0

Pacote 1 (Atomic Flare Hack / CCA 1.4 / CD Fake 4.31.0 / CS-LEGENDS hook / Fail Criscomp v2 )

IfoundnoNameforit Hack v1.0

bi0la PE-F

bi0la PE-H

n0manc0rz one

Capitain Hook v1

Tokyo Drift v1.0

TAB v3

M4 Hack

bons4i 3.0

Rage-X OGL 3.6

LiteEsp v1.1

FemaleOwnage v1.0

My Hack v1.0

Twlight GL Beta 1


Project VDC: Catalyst Version 1.21

//==== Project VDC: Catalyst =====
//==  Version 1.21 - VAC2 Proof ==

Developer: Kalvin
Co-Developer: DigitalEDD

Supported Games - Jogos suportados
-Condition Zero
-Team Fortress Classic
-Day of Defeat
-Natural Selection
-The Specialists
-Science and Industry
-Pirates Vikings Kings
-Battle Grounds
-Desert Crisis
-Hostile Intent
-Digital Paintball
-Zombie Panic
-Global Warfare
-and many many others!!!

Basic Features - Características Básicas
-Hitbox Style Aimbot
-Bone Style Aimbot
-Origin Style Aimbot
-Auto Pistol
-Smooth Aiming
-Randomized Aiming
-Adjustable Aim Spots
-FOV or Distance Based Aiming

-Entity Glow
-Outline Walls
-Super Flashlight
-Remove Gun
-Scope Removal
-Radar w/ Overview
-Name ESP
-Entity ESP
-Weapon ESP
-Sprite ESP
-Box ESP
-Distance ESP
-Spiked Models
-Barrel Effects
-Reload Meters
-Entity Glow
-Player Glow
-Target Lights
-Adjustable ESP positions

-LTFX Speedhack
-Duck Jump
-Grenade Dodge

-Clean Screenshots
-Mouse Driven GUI - Works in windowed mode
-Scripting Engine
-In-game HLSS

-Speed Graph
-Rearview Mirror

-Auto Updating Offsets
-Auto Updating Binary
-Seperate MOD saves
-Seperate Menus

Mod Specific Features - Características especificas para mods

-Visual Recoil Removal
-C4 Timer
-VIP / Bomb Carrier ESP
-Bloody Headshots

Team Fortess Classic
-Bunnyhop < 170
-Class ESP
-Structure ESP

Day of Defeat

Natural Selection
-mp_blockscripts bypass
-Class ESP
-Structure ESP
-Health ESP
-Health based aiming
-Resource / Level ESP
-Cloak Meter
-Upgrade ESP

The Specialists
-Powerup ESP

How To Install - Como instalar
Just copy this to a folder on your desktop, run the loader and
launch the game.

In-game use Insert for Menu
Delete for Console
Home for HLSS Sound Toggle
End for HLSS Menu


Apenas copie para uma pasta em seu desktop, rode o loader(executável) e abra o jogo.
launch the game.

Menu: Insert
Console: Delete


Download : ProjectVDCCatalystVersion1.21



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