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FourSeasons Hack v0.5 Beta

FourSeasons Hack v0.5 Beta
Coded by sk0r / Czybik (#Apocalypse @

This program is a simple hack for
Counter-Strike 1.6, Condition-Zero,
Day of Defeat and Half-Life. It may
work on other modifications, too.

(Esse programa é um simples hack para CS 1.6, CZ, DOD e HL.
Ele talvez funcione em mods também.)

Features - Características:
- Aimbot
- Aimdraw
- Autoaim
- Autoshoot
- Aimheight
- Aimrange
- Aimkey
- TeamESP
- VisibleESP
- NameESP
- DistanceESP
- WeaponESP
- Wallhack
- Noflash
- Nightmode
- Whitewalls
- ColorSmoke
- Lambert
- Speedhack
- Speedvalue
- Speedkey
- Weaponglow
- Crosshair
- Thirdperson
- Advertisement
- CleanScreenshot Cmd
- IRC by console
- Windowed mode playable
- Random CRC in memory

How to run - Como rodar:
- Open Settings.ini and set your settings
- Start FourSeasons.exe
- Start your prefered mod
- Press your menukey to enable menu

- Abra o Settings.ini e ajuste as configurações
- Rode o FourSeasons.exe
- Rode o seu jogo/mod preferido
- Aperte o botão de menu (definido no settings.ini) para abrir o menu

Update Log:
- Added third Crosshair
- Fixed DoD Weaponglow for Team Axis
- Fixed Hl and DoD Weapon ESP
- Added second wallhack with transparency
- Changed weaponglow and colored smoke color
- Added IRC by console
- Added Autoaim
- Added Autoshoot
- Added more weaponglow colors

- bi0s
- DeepBlueSea
- seren1ty
- xgx

Download : FourSeasonsHackv0.5




n0manc0rz one

Name.............: n0manc0rz
Version..........: one
VAC2 Status......: Proof (15.04.2008 )
HLGUARD Status...: Proof
SOUNDCHECK Status: Proof
OffSets Status...: Working (15.04.2008 )

Compatible - Compatibilidade .......: Steam/NoSteam v23b/v32 - WinXP - CS1.6/CSCZ
Max Resolution...: 1024x768 or less

Developed by: PlastiKe

Features - Características

+ WallHack (2 types)
-> wallhack percent transwalls/players/wpns

+ BoxESP (Intelligent)
-> view player-color-box into walls

+ Lambert
-> iluminate players

+ NoFlash/NoSmoke
-> desactivate flashbang and smoke effects for you

+ Crosshair
-> for awp/scout and similar...

Binds - Teclas

Menu = Supr/Del (Default key)
Navigation = Arrows, Mouse Wheel
Selection = Arrows or Mouse clicks (Mouse1, Mouse2)

How-To Use - Como usar

- Run "Steam.exe" or "NoSteam.exe"
- Join Counter-Strike 1.6 or CSCZ
- In Game press Supr/Del (Default key) for show menu
- Enable your favorites features
- Enjoy!

- Rode "Steam.exe" ou "NoSteam.exe"
- Entre no CS 1.6 ou CZ
- Aperte Del para abrir o menu
- Ative os hacks preferidos


one @ 15.04.2008:
added crosshair
updated offsets for steam

alpha @ 10.04.2008:
virus polimorph disinfected

alpha @ 06.04.2008:
added xqz wallhack
new dll hidden method

beta @ 20.03.2008:
release hack

Download : ze4MICROHook




TCHook 1.2.1

TCHook V1.2.1 - VAC2 Undetected as of 26/03/08

History    -    Histórico:

v1.2.1 - New proofing methods added for VAC2 security
v1.2 - Small check and update for Vac2. Still undetected.
v1.1 - Small update for VAC2 / ECC Loader
v1.0 - First public release


Features - Características;

Menu (Draws Red Screen)
Perfect XQZ Wallhack
ASUS Wallhack
Anti-Recoil (Buggy for this version)
Wireframe Mode

Insctructions - Instruções;

Load TCHook.exe, Load Game, Press Delete for Menu, use Arrow Keys

Carregue o TCHook.exe, rode o jogo, aperte Delete para abrir o menu e use as setas do teclado para navegar.



Download : TCHook1.2.1



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  • tchook

SSW (Super Simple Wall) v4.4

SSW (Super Simple Wall) v4.4 By <:PrOdIgY:> AKA Jimster480

VAC2 Proof As Of 3/18/08

Important - Importante

Quick Update Due To VAC2 Update. - Atualizado por causa de mais uma atualização do VAC2.

How To Use - Como usar
Extract Archive To Anywhere But CS/Steam Folder
Click Load
Run Any HL1 Game (Some People Can Run EXE & Load While Ingame)

Extraia os arquivos em qualquer lugar na pasta do CS/Steam
Rode o executável
Aperte em Load
Rode o CS

Features - Características
Perfect Depthrange Style Walls
NoAds (Banners Above Scoreboard & Banners On Walls)
F8 (Toggle Crosshair)
F9 (Toggle Walls)
F10 (Toggle NoSky On/Off)
F11 (Toggle NoFlash On/Off)
F12 (Toggle Lambert On/Off)
Works In All Games On The HL1 Engine. - Funciona em todos os jogos com a engine do HL1.


Download : SSW4.4


Comentário do Blog: Este hack É identificado como virus/trojan por muitos anti-virus (e o próprio criador afirma isso no forum dele), apesar de funcionar normalmente.

Caso não queiram arriscar, procurem outros hacks e não precisa comentar que é virus, pois eu verifico todo hack antes de postar.

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