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LAN-MODE v1.0 Public

LAN-MODE v1.0 Public


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Hardware Spoofer - Spoof your hardware to avoid buying new hardware
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Games Supported;

* CS 1.6


* VAC2 & Plugins
* 99% of Anticheats except (sXe, ESEA, EAC, Wire)
* Module Hiding
* Polymorphism
* Process Suspension
* Hook Emulation


* Only start the .exe once, kill the process using Task Manager
* Visuals will appear on screenshots so use a transparent setting and toggle
* You must rename the .exe to something legit like "msnmgrs.exe"
* LAN users should create custom shortcuts and shorcut icons to be safer

Features;   < Características

* Cube ESP
* ESP.Size
* ESP.Trans
* Panic.Mode
* Panic.Key
* Silent Loader

Instructions;                 < Instruções

* Start .EXE (Once only)
* Start Game (Or Anticheat)
* Hold/Press Panic.Key to activate/de-activate the cheat
* Use CCleaner to remove PC history

-português: Rode o .exe do cheat e depois o jogo. Aperte botão esquedo do mouse para ativar o cheat (vc pode mudar isso no config.ini

I take no responsibility for any detections whilst using this cheat
This was a private cheat so feel free to contact me on forums and donate something

Download : LAN-MODEv1.0Public



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