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Project VDC: Catalyst Version 1.21

//==== Project VDC: Catalyst =====
//==  Version 1.21 - VAC2 Proof ==

Developer: Kalvin
Co-Developer: DigitalEDD

Supported Games - Jogos suportados
-Condition Zero
-Team Fortress Classic
-Day of Defeat
-Natural Selection
-The Specialists
-Science and Industry
-Pirates Vikings Kings
-Battle Grounds
-Desert Crisis
-Hostile Intent
-Digital Paintball
-Zombie Panic
-Global Warfare
-and many many others!!!

Basic Features - Características Básicas
-Hitbox Style Aimbot
-Bone Style Aimbot
-Origin Style Aimbot
-Auto Pistol
-Smooth Aiming
-Randomized Aiming
-Adjustable Aim Spots
-FOV or Distance Based Aiming

-Entity Glow
-Outline Walls
-Super Flashlight
-Remove Gun
-Scope Removal
-Radar w/ Overview
-Name ESP
-Entity ESP
-Weapon ESP
-Sprite ESP
-Box ESP
-Distance ESP
-Spiked Models
-Barrel Effects
-Reload Meters
-Entity Glow
-Player Glow
-Target Lights
-Adjustable ESP positions

-LTFX Speedhack
-Duck Jump
-Grenade Dodge

-Clean Screenshots
-Mouse Driven GUI - Works in windowed mode
-Scripting Engine
-In-game HLSS

-Speed Graph
-Rearview Mirror

-Auto Updating Offsets
-Auto Updating Binary
-Seperate MOD saves
-Seperate Menus

Mod Specific Features - Características especificas para mods

-Visual Recoil Removal
-C4 Timer
-VIP / Bomb Carrier ESP
-Bloody Headshots

Team Fortess Classic
-Bunnyhop < 170
-Class ESP
-Structure ESP

Day of Defeat

Natural Selection
-mp_blockscripts bypass
-Class ESP
-Structure ESP
-Health ESP
-Health based aiming
-Resource / Level ESP
-Cloak Meter
-Upgrade ESP

The Specialists
-Powerup ESP

How To Install - Como instalar
Just copy this to a folder on your desktop, run the loader and
launch the game.

In-game use Insert for Menu
Delete for Console
Home for HLSS Sound Toggle
End for HLSS Menu


Apenas copie para uma pasta em seu desktop, rode o loader(executável) e abra o jogo.
launch the game.

Menu: Insert
Console: Delete


Download : ProjectVDCCatalystVersion1.21



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