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MP-Hacks Rage Hook v2

MP-Hacks Rage Hook v2
Coded by: |i|.XeRo


Undetected on VAC2 as of 10:47 AM, December 29th, 2008.

Instructions:                        < Como usar

Load Rage.exe, join a server, and Rage the nerds!

Rode o Rage.exe, entre em um servidor e ative o hack.

Supported Games:
< Jogos suportados

Counter-Strike 1.6, and Condition Zero.

Features:                     < Características

Hitbox Aimbot
NoSpread (AK, Colt, Deagle)
ASUS WallHack w/ FullBright
Buy Bot (AK/M4, Deagle, Ammo, Armor, Helmet, HE Nade)
Custom Crosshair
Auto Pistol/Rifle Switch


Download : MPHacksRageHookv2




Project Mayhem v3

Project Mayhem v3

Developer- Kalvin
Co-Developer - Christ
Lead Beta Tester - gir489

Features - Características
* Hitbox Style Aimbot
* Bone Style Aimbot
* Origin Style Aimbot
* Auto Pistol
* Smooth Aiming
* Randomized Aiming
* Triggerbot
* Adjustable Aim Spots
* FOV or Distance Based Aiming

* Wallhacks
* Fullbright
* Nightmode
* Whitewalls
* Entity Glow
* Outline Walls
* Wireframe
* Super Flashlight
* Nosky
* Thirdperson
* Remove Gun
* Crosshair
* Scope Removal
* Quake Guns for selected mods

* Radar w/ Overview

* Name ESP
* Entity ESP
* Weapon ESP
* Sprite ESP
* Box ESP
* Distance ESP
* Spiked Models
* Barrel Effects
* Reload Meters
* Entity Glow
* Player Glow
* Target Lights
* Sound ESP
* Adjustable ESP positions

* LTFX Speedhack
* Bunnyhop
* Duck Jump
* Grenade Dodge
* Autofollow
* Turn Hack
* Spinhack

* Clock
* Clean Screenshots
* Winamp
* Mouse Driven GUI-Works in windowed mode
* Console
* Scripting Engine
* In-game HLSS

* Anti-Screenshot
* Speed Graph
* Spycam
* Rearview Mirror
* Say-stats
* Stats-box
* Grenade Trace
* Flash Percentage

* Auto Updating Offsets
* Auto Updating Binary
* Seperate MOD saves
* Seperate Menus

Commands And Installation - Comandos e Instalação

After you have successfully downloaded Project Mayhem Cheat, open it up with Winrar

1. Double click on the downloaded file.
2. Unzip (Ctrl + A, then drag and drop
into a folder).
3. Open (double-click) "Mayhem.exe" within the folder and click "monitor".
4. You should now have the program open. You don’t need to do
anything else but start your preferred game, so enjoy cheating!

Once you are in-game, and you wish to change settings, you may need to use the following commands:

* delete opens the “console”
* home toggles the “hlss”
* insert opens the “menu”

As you can see, “del”(delete) is the command, and “console” is the effect. With this, you should know that:

* Command delete opens Project Mayhem console
* Command end toggles your multiplayer communication link(by toggle I mean you don’t need to hold it down to keep it on/off)
* Command home opens HLSS (Half-Life Sound Selector) for your microphone spamming needs
* Command insert opens/closes the menu, and saves the cvars you have changed

Treat the Project Mayhem console like the STEAM console,
except for the commands. You won’t be able to use your arrow keys to
highlight menu options in the menu, you will need to use your
mouse (mouse movements to highlight, left click to select, and right
click to go back).

1- Descompacte os arquivos (em qualquer pasta)
2- Rode o "Mayhem.exe" e clique em "monitor"
3- Rode o jogo escolhido

Aperte "delete" para abrir o console do cheat
Aperte "home" para ativar o hlss
Aperte "insert" para abrir o menu do cheat

Credits - Créditos

* OGC Team
* P47R!CK
* LanceVorgin
* XanTrax
* Akane
* tweak
* Azorbix
* tabris
* Ap0c
* kirby
* siodine-
* h1web
* DavVv
* jLn
* wav
* FX-Illusi0nz
* Silvernoma
* suxx
* gir489
* CampStaff
* czar
* b2k5
* The entire community
* Game-Deception

Supported Games - Jogos suportados

* Counter Strike
* Condition Zero
* Team Fortress Classic
* Day of Defeat
* Half - Life
* Half - Life DeathMatch
* Opposing Force
* Natural Selection
* The Specialists
* Science and Industry
* Pirates Vikings Kings
* Battle Grounds
* FireArms
* Desert Crisis
* Hostile Intent
* Digital Paintball
* Zombie Panic
* Global Warfare
* And more


Download : ProjectMayhem



UnrealPublic Hook v5.8


UnrealPublic Hook v5.8
Created By UmmBop

How-To-Use - Como usar

{1} Start Steam.
{2} Run "Unreal v5.8.exe", Click "Ok" and minimize the loader.
{3} Start "Counter-Strike: 1.6","Counter-Strike: Condition Zero" or "Day Of Defeat"
{*} (Cs Console Should Popup with a Message and Opens Unreal-Gaming.NeT)
{4} Join a Server.
{5} Activate The Hotkey's in Game.

1 - Rode o Steam
2 - Rode o “Unreal v5.8.exe” e clique em “Load Unreal”
3 - Rode o CS, CZ ou DOD (No console do CS devera aparecer uma mensagem e abrir o site
4 - Entre em um Servidor
5 - Ative o hack através das teclas

Unreal-Features-Info - Informações

{1} XQZ Wallhack (See enemies through walls)
veja os inimigos pelas paredes

{2} WireModels (Both you and enemies)
Models em Wire

{3} Trans Wallhack+Brightness Increaser (Makes walls transparent, Fixed The Texture Blending on the trans wallhack and added Nosky)
Faz as paredes ficar transparentes e aumenta o brilho

{4} **** Models (Makes all player's turn into Niggaz)
models ficam pretos

{5} Bright Models (Makes all player's bright at all times)
Faz os models claros

{6} White Models (Makes all players turn white, 2 different Modes)
Faz os models ficarem brancos

{7} FullBright (Makes walls bright)
Faz as paredes ficarem totalmente brilhantes/claras

{8} No Sky (Removes the sky)
Remove o céu

{9} Night Walls (Makes walls dark)
Paredes ficam escuras

{10}White Walls (Makes walls white)
Paredes ficam brancas

{11} No Smoke (Removes smoke)
Remove o flash e fumaça

{12) Panic (Turns of all hacks)
Desativa todos os hacks

Unreal-HotKeys - Botões

{1} XQZ = F12
{2} Wiremodels = F11
{3} Trans = F10 / Brightness = F9 (Must activate both)
{4} *** Models = F8
{5} Bright Models = F7
{6} White Models = F6
{7} FullBright = F5
{8} NoSky = F3
{9} Night Walls = F2
{10} White Walls = F1
{11} NoSmoke = SCROLL LOCK
{12} Panic = INSERT

Características específicas para cada jogo:

Counter-Strike: 1.6 / Condition Zero Specific Features

{1} XQZ
{2} Wiremodels
{3} Trans/Brightness
{4} **** Models
{5} Bright Models
{6} White Models
{7} FullBright
{8} NoSky
{9} Night Walls
{10} White Walls
{11} NoSmoke
{12} Panic

Day Of Defeat Specific Features

{1} XQZ
{2} Wiremodels
{3} **** Models
{4} Bright Models
{5} White Models
{6} FullBright
{7} Night Walls
{8} White Walls
{9} NoSmoke
{10} Panic


Offsets Updated-April/14/2008.


Vac Proofed-Mar/23/2008.
Removed Noflash, will be fixed for next version.

Download : UnrealPublicHookv5.8


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