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CSS FH External v2.0.1

Version: v 2.0.1 | Release: 12-09-2012 | Vac3 status: Undetected

Windows Vista [32bit / 64bit]
Windows Seven [32bit / 64bit]
Windows XP isn't Supported !!

Dependencies (Error: file d3dx9_43.dll is missing / d3dx9_43.dll file is missing??) :

DirectX End-User Runtime: h

Important: Counter Strike: Source en:

Windowed mode = Visual + Aimbot.
Full Screen = Aimbot Only.

How to Configure External FH?                             < Como configurar
Or via the menu by pressing the button " Insert "
Either via the Settings.ini file.

-português: No meio do jogo aperte Insert para abrir o menu ou edite o arquivo settings.ini

Download : CSSFHExternalv2.0.1



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