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SSW 7.0 for SXE 11.7 ?

-Português: Eu estava no forum do karman e vi um post de um dos membros afirmando que conseguiu rodar o ssw 7.0 no sxe 11.7, não sei se é verdade mesmo pois não funcionou comigo mas quem estiver afimé só tentar e rodar:

-English: I was at karman´s forum and some of the members posted that SSW 7.0 worked at SXE 11.7. I didn´t work for me but if you are willing to try:

But anyway, i guess there is no much chance to that work


[Video] CS-Legends Hook

Português: Acabei de fazer um novo video do cheat CS-Legends Hook para Non-steam apenas. Usei o patch v23 no meu CS, o video fica no final desse post.

English: Just made a new video of CS-Legends Hook (for Non-steam ONLY). I recored it using CS 1.6 Non-Steam(Patch v23).



[novidades] Novos vídeos

Bom dia pessoal, acabei fazendo novos vídeos de alguns cheats para non-steam (infelizmente não pegam com VAC/Steam e nem SXE) mas se vcs conseguirem arranjar um servidor sem proteção da pra fazer uma boa festa.

Meu CS é Non-steam com o patch 23.

Não usem com Steam!!! Vai dar ban na certa pelo VAC.

O primeiro vídeo é do cheat s7eal1h:

E o segundo vídeo é do TC Hook 1.2.1:


Terceivo vídeo é do Tokyo Drift v1.0:

Quarto vídeo é do Project TC v2.0:

Todos para Non-steam APENAS, como eu já disse antes, e não funcionam com SXE (ao menos que saia um emulador novo).



Message :

ESW is a public cheat , public cheats are always "Use at your own risk" condition.

There are no guarantees as to what this software can do to your system or  Steam account .

ESW does not come with a DLL .

- System to ensure correct Hooking .
- Fix for the latest NVIDIA Drivers .

- Screenshot Blocker
- Screenshot Cleaner
- Increased Protection
- System to prevent wrong load sequence .
- System to prevent premature unhooking .
- Moved HotKeys to NUMPAD .
- Code Hiding .

About Code Hiding:

I have made a system that would hide the code  inside a valid ( even savable ) bitmap in memory .
The bitmap varies in size and image dimension and is filled with totally random data .
The cheat will produce an image called  ESW_Morph.bitmap everytime it runs .
I have done this to allow you to visualize what the code looks like in memory everytime .
You can compare each bitmap and see they  are totally different form each other .
Anyone attempts to scan this bitmap will go crazy .

Undetected on Nov. 6 , 2010 .

Next Version May Support:

Supported games :
CS 1.6 / CS 1.5 / HL1 based games .
( Steam/Non-Steam)

Use this at your own risk !

Features         <- Características
[Pure OGL]
- Player wallhack .
- Lambert .
- No Flash
- No Smoke
- No Sky


How-to-Use            <- Como usar

- Run Steam .
- Run the "ESW ULTRA B1016.exe" .
- Run CS 1.6 .

-Português: Rode o ESW B1013.exe e Depois rode o CS 1.6
Use Screenshot Blocker / Cleaner:

Taking a screenshot will do two things .
1. ) Produce a clean shot for anti cheats that require the player to return the shot .
- Will include Watermarks / Texts and all .
- Quick / single frame watermarks / text included .
- Exaclty the same as dirty shot but clean .
- The clean shot can be found in the cheat's folder called "de_dust0012.bmp". Just rename it to their shots name and upload / submit that ... hehe .

2.) Produce Black screenshots for anti cheats that take internal shots and automatically upload them .
- Allows possibility for plausible deniability .
- Just make excuses like : "My PC is a bit old ."

Screenshot blocker / cleaner will not work for anti cheat clients that take external screenshots .

Hotkeys               <- Teclas para usar o cheat

NUMPAD1 - On/Off Lambert .
NUMPAD2 - Choose DepthRange Wallhack  / Asus Wallhack / Off .
NUMPAD3 - On/Off No Smoke / Flash / Sky .
NUMPAD4 - On/Off daymode .




- Update your video driver to get latest OpenGL drivers.

Download from Microsoft:
- C++ 2005 Redistributable
- C++ 2008 Redistributable
- .Net framework 3.5

Tested on Vista / Windows 7 32/64 bit .

Creator : (+)

Thanks to jimster480 and friends .
Whatever etc ...

Support sites:

Download : ESWULTRAB1016



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