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Iniuria CSS Release D

Iniuria CSS Release D the new I-Love-iT CSS
MPH Release

VAC2 = Proof 15.08.2009
Blackeye = Proof 15.08.2009
Aquitas = I don't rightly know
Usage:    < Comou usar
1. Open Iniuria CSS Release D.exe
2. Start Counter-Strike Source
3. Join Game
4. Press F12
5. Press ins for menu
6. Visit us (

-português: Rode o Iniuria CSS Release D.exe.
Entre no CSS e depois entre em um server.
Aperte F12
Aperte Insert para abrir o menu

Features: D                        < Características
- Aimbot (Hitbox, Pixelaimbot, Smooth, StealthAim, Recoil,NoSpread, Aimtime)
- Aimmode ( 1 = Pixelaim with SetCursorPos, 2 = Pixelaim with Mouse_event, 3 = Hitbox aimbot)
- Triggerbot (1 = Head, 2 = Chest, 3 = All)
- ESP (Box, Name, Skeletal, Visible, Distance, Health, Entity, AVDraw, Radar)
- Misc (Bunnyhop, Autopistol, Crosshair, Knifebot)
Changelog: D
- Fix aimbot

Changelog: C
- Added AimTime
- Added NoSpread (crap)
- Fix some bugs 😉
- VAC Security
Changelog: B
- Added KnifeHack
- Fix Recoil
- Fix some bugs 😉
- VAC Security

Download : IniuriaCSSReleaseD




CSS Public V4.0

Version 4.0 of our public cheat. Updated vac proofing, added 2d fully adjustable radar!

FEATURES:        < Características

Aim Style (Bone | Vector)
Aimbot Adjustments (Height, Right, Forward)
No Recoil
No Spread
Manual Recoil
Manual Recoil Adjustments
No Flash
No Smoke
No Hands
Sky Removal
Weapon Esp
Entity Esp
XQZ Models
Health Esp
Armor Esp
Health Bar
Armor Bar
Box Esp
Auto Pistol
Anti_Anti_Aim (V.I.P Only Feature)
No Visual Recoil
Speed Hack
Speed Hack Adjustments
Unconnected Aim
Menu Descriptions
Smooth Aim
Stats Box
Aim Key
Weapon Sprites
Fountain Esp
White Walls
Enemy Only Esp
Distance Esp
Autowall (V.I.P Only Feature)
Team Killer (V.I.P Only Feature)
D3D Chams (Only one color per team, chameleon chams are in the v.i.p version only)
Player Glow (V.I.P Only Feature)
D3D Colored Weapons
Enemy Warnings (V.I.P. version has customized placements for this)
2D radar (Fully Adjustable placement,size,range)

Download : CSSPublicV4.0




Kartoffel Hack 3.5

Kartoffel Hack by -tmh- , Design by RDX
Version : 3.5 (11.08.2009)
VAC² Status: secure (No ban since 27.05.2007)

Features:           < Características

sv_cheat Bypass
sv_consistency Bypass
sv_pure 1 Bypass
cvar Bypass
No flash
No smoke
no sky
no colour
Wireframe WH
Chrome Mode
Grey Mode
Get it 1.6
Headshot Helper
Sniper Cross
No Scope
Sniper Pro
Radar Health
Radar Trace
3rd Person
No Rain
Over your head
Show Impacts
Screen Cleaner
Speed Hack -
Speed Hack +
Speed Hack ++
Enable Hotkeys
Panic Key
Settings ( ini file)
Anti Detoxx
Minimize to Tray
Save Feature

New :
- Fixxed some problems 😉


The Kartoffel-Hack Project is still alive, but I've changed some things.
I've closed the blog and the forum.
If you need support you can ask people in your favorite cheat-forum or
send me an email to admin[at]



How to start :      < Como usar
1. Use Winrar to unpack the .rar file
2. Read the instruction ( Help)

português: descompacte o arquivo, rode o .exe e veja os comandos no help do hack

Download : KartoffelHack3.5




SXE DISABLER – sXe Emulator by Cocodrilo

ATUALIZAÇÃO NO POST: O emulador NÃO está funcionando com o SXE 8.0. (The emulator ISN´T working with sxe 8.0)

Bypass sxe and run all the cheats that you have!

How to use:

1 - Put demoplayer.dll and sicheats-hwid.txt in your hl.exe folder.
2 - go any server with sXe injected (no client required).
3 - use any hack.

Emulation supports ALL actual sXe versions. Actual version 7.8 fix 1.



Com esse programa você vai burlar o sxe e poder usar qualquer cheat!

1 - Coloque os arquivos demoplayer.dll e sicheats-hwid.txt na pasta onde fica o hl.exe (por exemplo c:\arquivos de programas\valve). Ele vai pedir para substituir os arquivos, aperte em SIM.
2 - NÃO RODE O SXE, esses arquivos são para enganar o sxe nos servidores.
3 - Entre  no CS e depois em um server com o sxe
4 -Use qualquer cheat que você tenha no seu pc

Esse emulador funciona para todas as versões do sxe até a versão 7.8 fix 1.

Créditos: Cocodrilo

Download : SXEDISABLER-sXeEmulator



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