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CSS FH External v2.0.1

Version: v 2.0.1 | Release: 12-09-2012 | Vac3 status: Undetected

Windows Vista [32bit / 64bit]
Windows Seven [32bit / 64bit]
Windows XP isn't Supported !!

Dependencies (Error: file d3dx9_43.dll is missing / d3dx9_43.dll file is missing??) :

DirectX End-User Runtime: h

Important: Counter Strike: Source en:

Windowed mode = Visual + Aimbot.
Full Screen = Aimbot Only.

How to Configure External FH?                             < Como configurar
Or via the menu by pressing the button " Insert "
Either via the Settings.ini file.

-português: No meio do jogo aperte Insert para abrir o menu ou edite o arquivo settings.ini

Download : CSSFHExternalv2.0.1



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Advhack v2


-Smooth Aim
-Team Aim
-Anti Recoil
-Recoil Control
-No Smoke
-No Flash

How to use:                     < Como usar
Start Hack
Start CS 1.6

-português: Rode o hack e depois o CS

Download : advhackv2



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1. Double click the NXGCSS loader
2. Select a server to join and click connect
3. Hit INSERT to bring up the menu
4. Use the arrow keys to navigate the menu.
5. Have fun!

-português: Rode o loader do NXGCSS. Entre no CSS e entre em algum server. Para abrir o menu aperte insert e use as setas do teclado para mover pelo menu.


Feature List:                   < Características
Chams (Only 1 option for public)
Crosshair (Auto On)
Hands (Chamed, Wireframe, or Removed - VIP ONLY )
No Fog (Fog Removed)
Aimbot (VIP ONLY)
Aim Key (VIP ONLY)
Aim Autoshoot (VIP ONLY)
Aim Smooth (VIP ONLY)
Info Box (Displays Settings - VIP ONLY )
Weapon Chams (Chamed, Wireframe, or Removed - VIP ONLY )
WireFrame Chams (Wireframe Players With Cham - VIP ONLY)
XQZ Wallhack (Absolutely Perfect Player Wallhack - VIP ONLY )
Remove Smoke (Remove Smoke, Wireframe Smoke - VIP ONLY )
Recoil Reducer (VIP ONLY)
Help Box! (Displays A GUI Box With Description Of All Features Ingame - VIP ONLY )
Move Menu (Move The Menu Via Your Mouse - DO NOT TURN ON MOVE STATS IF THIS IS ON! - VIP ONLY )
Move Stats (Move The Infobox Via Your Mouse - DO NOT TURN ON MOVE MENU IF THIS IS ON! - VIP ONLY )
Save Options (Save Your Options - VIP ONLY )
Load Options (Load Your Options - VIP ONLY )

Download : NXGCSSV4.7



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Steam Hack CSS vFinal

# Steam Hack CS:S vFinal (External)
# Author - Gabe Newell
# Website -

[Private Cheats]
Please visit for cheats that support;
Wire / ESEA / 4PL Insight / sClient / EAC / CEVO / More

Contact me at the following sites;
# (aiwnjoo)
# (aiwnjoo)
# (aiwnjoo)
# (ring0*)

I will charge a small fee to either update the offsets for you privately, or provide a detailed guide for you. Contact me to discuss.


# VAC3/Plugin Proof Since - July 2012
# Should work on all anticheats except for ESEA, Wire, Insight


# PanicKey
# Triggerbot / Key / Delay / Distance
# SoundESP / Key / FOV / Distance (Sound notification)
# Bunnyhop
# External Offsets.ini
# External Config.ini

[Update News]

[vFinal] Initial/Final Public Release
Update your own Offsets 🙂

# RPM/WPM Hook Emulation
# Process Masking

[Instructions]                 < Instruções

1: Start - Steam > CS:S ; TAB OUT
2: Start - .exe ; RETURN TO GAME
3: Press the PanicKey ; F12

-português: Rode o steam e depois o CSS. Rode o cheat e volte ao jogo. Aperte F12 para ativa-lo


# x32 / x64

# For Vista/Windows7 users;

* Run as Administrator
* Compatability mode XP
* Disable UAC
* Disable DEP


# If your AV detects this as a threat, it is a false positive


# Valve
# Steam
# Microsoft
# Many Others =]

Download : SteamHackCSSvFinal



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