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EZfrags CS:GO Multihack v6.8

EZfrags CS:GO Multihack v6.8

- Triggerbot
- Aimbot
- Aimlock
- GlowESP (wallhack)
- Radarhack
- No flash hack
- Bunny hop

- Left ALT - hold LALT to lock onto an enemy
- SPACE - hold SPACE to use bunny hop
- MOUSE5 and Middle Mouse Button - triggerbot hold keys

- F6 - cycle through triggerbot modes (autofire, hold key, disabled)
- SHIFT+F6 - cycle through triggerbot delays (10, 30 - default, 50, 80, 110, 140)
- F7 - toggle aimbot
- SHIFT+F7 - toggle aimbot mode (rage/legit)
- F8 - toggle aimlock
- SHIFT+F8 - toggle aimlock target (head/chest)
- F9 - toggle GlowESP
- SHIFT+F9 - toggle radar hack
- F10 - toggle no flash hack
- F11 - toggle bunny hop

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PolyLoader Multihack 2.0

STATUS: UNDETECTED - To make it safer for yourself, recompile daily.
Features :
Force Aim
Panic Key

Requirements :
Microsoft Visual Studio
Merccy's Poly Loader v2.0

Instructions :
1. Open Polyloader, and select your hack file (.zip)
2. Compile the hack
3. Open CS:GO
4. Open Multihack.exe
5. Set your hotkeys
6. Test that the compile worked in a casual deathmatch

Credits :
Merccy - Radar/Poly Loader

Download : Polyloader_Multihack2.0



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[SOH] CSS v2.2

[SOH] CSS v2.2

Added transparent colored walls with outline and multi color.
- Works with custom skins.

Added player color type
- Texture and pixel shader ( Recomended on dx9 ) with outline
- Works with default player skins.

Fixed remove sky for dx8

Added remove sky

Added Asus with outline
- Works with custom skins.

Removed Trigger bot

Features :

Player WallHack
- Must have default player skins (only player skins ).
- "lolyou" and alike configs NOT recomended.

Asus with outline
- Work with custom player skins.

Player Colors
Cross type

Hotkeys :

Delete - For Config display
Arrow keys - For selection.
F11 - Load
F12 - Save

Proof : May 26, 2015.



Download : SOH_CSS_V2.rar



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Zat’s External CSGO Multihack

Zat's External CSGO Multihack


[+] Light-rage (aim at anybody you spot or who spots you)
[+] Smooth aim (on/off)
[+] Compensate recoil when aiming (on/off)
[+] Target (enemies/allies/everyone)
[+] Method (nearest to crosshair/nearest to player/lowest hp)
[+] Radius (5-1000px, around crosshair)
[+] Speed (0-200%)
[+] Key (freely configurable)
[+] Sticky aim (on/off)
[+] Only aim at spotted enemies

[+] Target (enemies/allies/everyone)
[+] Active for sniper-rifles only (on/off)
[+] Delay (0-1000ms)
[+] Max recoil (0-25%)
[+] Max speed (0-30kmh)

[+] Display team (enemies/allies/everyone)
[+] Zoom-level (various)

[+] Display team (enemies/allies/everyone)
[+] Outline-glow (on/off)
[+] Draw name (on/off)
[+] Draw health (on/off)
[+] Draw distance (on/off)
[+] Draw box (on/off)
[+] Draw circle (on/off)
[+] Draw skeleton (on/off)
[+] Draw weapons (on/off)

[+] Interval/Speed (250ms - 5s)
[+] Range (10-500m)
[+] Sound (10 different sounds)
[+] Volume (0-100%)

[+] Draw target-data (on/off)
[+] Draw recoil-crosshair (on/off)

[+] Disable the name and perspective of people spectating you
[+] Disable aimbot when someone spectates in ego-perspective (on/off)
[+] Disable triggerbot when someone spectates in ego-perspective (on/off)

[Highlight players]
> Doesn't work atm

[+] Display information-panel (on/off)
[+] Autopistol (on/off)
[+] Bunnyhop (on/off)
[+] NoFLash (on/off)

[Recoil-Control (RCS)]
> Doesn't work atm

[+] Quick overview about
[+] Kills
[+] Deaths
[+] Score
[+] K/D-ratio of each player, displayed as bar-diagrams

[+] Unlimited number of config-files which can be independently loaded/saved
[+] Last saved config will automatically be loaded at the next startup

Run .exe through a .net obfuscator and then pack with Enigma Protector to stay UD. Otherwise a VAC ban is almost guaranteed. Run CS in Windowed/Full Screen Windowed with Aero on.

Recoil-Control and Highlight Players is currently broken, may fix in future. Aimbot has built-in RCS which is working. Don't post or pm Zat for support.


Download : Zat_s_External_CSGO_Raw.rar



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