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Left4HACKS – Simple CSS Hack

Left4HACKS - Simple CSS Hack

Features:                  < Características
Straight-Line Triggerbot, Headshotmode and Friendly fire-mode also available
Perfect Bunnyhop (selectable via settings.ini, "bhop mode" - disables all features except bunnyhop)
Basic Line ESP

How to use:                    < Como usar
- Make your settings inside settings.ini ( keycodelist available at )
- Start the hack
- Start Counter-Strike Source
- wait for the activation sound
- Play

-português: Configure o cheat no arquivo settings.ini, rode o cheat e depois o CSS. Espere por um som de ativação e jogue.

Whilst in the game, you can use the previously set keys to activate/deactivate features.
There will be an ingame-notification on the right side of your screen, telling you what you've pressed and whether it's in ON or OFF state.

Defaultkeys are:               < Teclas padrões
F6  = Toggle Headshot Mode
F7  = Toggle Friendly Fire Mode
F8  = Toggle ESP
F9  = Toggle Autoshoot Mode

Default ESP colors are:
Red   = 255
Green = 255
Blue  = 255
Note that the maximum value is 255 (0xFF)

You also can set up the ESP-Line-Length in the settings.ini.
Default length/size: 2

This is a Memory-Hack which insists of modifying HL2.EXE's Memory.
Many people claim to be VAC-banned by using Memory Hacks, but somehow no user of my other (previous) projects got banned for that at all.
I mean, Left4UNCUT is used by more than 10.000 People and it is editing memory aswell! And guess what, nobody got banned for it.
Anyway, in the end it is you who decides whether to use this hack or not. I'd say go for it, but it's your decision to believe the facts or the gossip about Memory Hacks.
If you don't want to take risks, you shouldn't even look for cheats.

Update History:
Sep 21st  2011(2.2)
- fixed Fastswitch
Sep 18th  2011(2.1)
- updated offsets
Sep 7th   2011(2.0)
- improved noblock-fix
- added Settings.ini options: ESP and Noblock - both can be disabled at start!
Aug 16th  2011(1.9)
- added bhop only mode
- updated offsets
Aug  7th  2011(1.8)
- changed TraceMask, should solve trigger-issues
Aug  6th  2011(1.7)
- updated offsets (engine updated)
July 22nd 2011(1.6)
- Added ESP-Length-Setting
- improved Bunnyhop with MoveType, you can jump off ladders now
July 7th  2011(1.5)
- updated offsets
June 28th 2011(1.4)
- cleaned the sourcecode
- added a "version compatibility" check to prevent using this hack when Counter-Strike Source has been updated
June 28th 2011(1.3)
- updated offsets
June 27th 2011(1.2)
- changed keysystem, now it's all one key per feature (toggle)
- added ingame feature-change notification (when pressing the toggle buttons)
June 26th 2011(1.1)
- added custom ESP colorization(set up in settings.ini) and Autoshoot mode
June 25th 2011(1.0)
- init release

Credits, Thanks etc:
If you feel like you need to be listed here, contact me at supex0[at]gmail[dot]com

Download : Left4HACKSSimpleCSSHack



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  1. krezz se poder e se tiver posta um wall simples que funfe pra css steam pra vac

  2. é pra steam?
    e o ban vac?

    • É para steam e supostamente não da ban.

      Mas eu, pessoalmente, não gosto de usar cheats de CSS. Tenho a impressão que eles sempre são detectados muito facilmente (mesmo os programadores falando que são anti-vac). Acho mais arriscado do que os de cs 1.6 mesmo

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