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NXG CSS V3.1 Public

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NXG - Simple Hacks 2010-2011



Not everyone has the same type of computer and this may not work right out of the box for everyone.
This is why you need to follow the guidlines in this readme.

Running The cheat:                     < Como usar

1. Double click the NXGCSS loader
2. Select a server to join and click connect
3. Hit INSERT to bring up the menu
8. Use the arrow keys to navigate the menu.
-português: Rode o loader do NXGCSS. Entre no CSS e entre em algum server. Para abrir o menu aperte insert e use as setas do teclado para mover pelo menu.
Feature List:                   < Características

Chams (Only 1 option for public)
Crosshair (8 to choose from)
Hands (Chamed, Wireframe, or Removed)
FullBright (Fullbright Models)
No Fog (Fog Removed)
Aimbot (VIP ONLY)
Aim Key (VIP ONLY)
Aim Radius (VIP ONLY)
Aim Autoshoot (VIP ONLY)
Info Box (Displays Settings)
Weapon Chams (Chamed, Wireframe, or Removed)
WireFrame Chams (Wireframe Players With Cham - 1 Color For Public)
XQZ Wallhack (Absolutely Perfect Player Wallhack)
Remove Smoke (Remove Smoke, Wireframe Smoke)
Sniper Overlay (Remove Sniper Overlay - Disabled)
Recoil Reducer (VIP ONLY)
Help Box! (Displays A GUI Box With Description Of All Features Ingame)
Move Menu (Move The Menu Via Your Mouse - DO NOT TURN ON MOVE STATS IF THIS IS ON!)
Move Stats (Move The Infobox Via Your Mouse - DO NOT TURN ON MOVE MENU IF THIS IS ON!)
Save Options (Save Your Options)
Load Options (Load Your Options)

*Our cheats require you to have microsoft .net framework 3.5 installed. If you are running XP you should
already have this. If you are using vista or windows7 then you will need to install microsoft .net framework
3.5 compact.*

Net Framework 3.5:

Download : NXGCSSV3.1



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