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SSE (Super Simple ESP) v5.1

SSE (Super Simple ESP) v5.1 By <:PrOdIgY:> AKA Jimster480

VAC2 Proof As Of 3-1-10

Now Compiled in VS 2008. Changed Compiler Options. Sleep on loader changed to 250.

Report your bugs so they can be fixed.

Still running a cheat sale.

I will release private builds randomly by request. Meaning if nobody ever asks for them then I won't release any.

AEQ/ECO/CEVO/XRAY/VAC/VAC2/SSC/ESC/OCT Private Cheats Available Check or PM me on

Private Builds Will Be Released Randomly @ #cs1.6 on, So Idle And Get Free Privates (To All Idlers)

How To Use            < Como usar
Extract Archive To Anywhere But CS/Steam Folder
Click Load
Run Any HL1 Game (Some People Can Run EXE & Load While Ingame)

Extraia os arquivos em qualquer lugar, menos na pasta do steam
Rode o executável
Aperte em “load”
Rode o jogo

(pode tentar também rodar primeiramente o jogo e depois o hack)

Features      < Características
F12 (Toggle X ESP)
F11 (Toggle Box ESP)

Works In All Games On The HL1 Engine.

Workarounds            < Algumas ajudas caso de problema
Try disabling steam communities In-game GUI
If you get a cl_dll error, open the game then once the start page has loaded, load SSW
If your game hangs when trying to join a server, start the game, join the server,
before you choose a team, load SSW
If your game crashes when trying to inject SSW, make sure its allowed in your AV

-português: Tente desabilitar o steam comuunities do “in-game” do CS
se vc receber um erro de cl_dll, abra primeiro o jogo e depois o SSE
se o seu jogo congelar/travar enquanto for entrar em um server, inicie o jogo e entre no servidor, antes de escolher um time abra o SSW
Se o seu jogo trava(da erro) quando está injetando o SSE, tenha certeza de permitir o SSE no seu Antivirus

Anyone Else I forgot You Know Who You Are


Support IRC #cs1.6
Support at

Download : SSE5.1



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