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AbsoHack November 11 (Birthday Edition), 2009
1) Unzip anywhere except your steam directory.
2) Configure AbsoHack.xml to fit your needs, save it
3) Launch AbsoHack.exe, then launch any steamworks hl1 based game.
4) Wait for the loader to close.
5) Play.
6) Start the GUI with F1

-português: Como usar
1 – Extraia o arquivo em qualquer pasta
2 - Configure o
AbsoHack.xml para as suas necessidades
3 – Rode o Absohack.exe, e execute qualquer jogo para hl1 (apenas steam)
4 – Espere o loader fechar
5 – Jogue
6 - Aperte F1 para abrir o GUI

Notes: This may get you vac detected (99.5% chance not though)
However... if for some reason you do, I'm not responsible
nore are any of my affiliates.

The latest version will always be available at
with GD automatic updater.

If you recieve EXCEPTION_ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION when trying to launch AbsoHack, it is because you're CPU does not support the SSE2 instruction set. You're shit out of luck. You can request a version not compiled with SSE2 at any of the cheat forums that I frequent ( nSSE2 is supported on processors made since the Pentium 4/AMD Athlon 64, meaing if you have a PIII/AMD K5/6, you won't be able to run this.

If you recieve any crashes/error messages, please post gui.log and log.log on any of the forums I frequent. If you do not post these files, your post will be ignored.

Changelog: ->
- Updated to AbsoUI
- Revised the Options Window ->
- Added stopTimerEspRatio conVar to allow for the esp to be less obtrusive
- StopTimerEsp now fades based on the conVar - time in seconds
- Added nameJack conVar, will replace your name randomly with a similar name of another player
- Fixed loader memory leak
- Performance Improvements
- Mouse GUI Support (F1)

Credits (No order):
- System
- Bunny771
- Absolution
- LanceVorgin
- Azorbix
- liuzewei
- UNI (pie lover)
- pat0
- Tetsuo
- PizzaPan
- Xen
- Da Buzz
- wav
- mattdog
- dom
- Plastique
- Puma
- hebe
- Hybrid
- osGB`
- Crusader
- Banana
- xKOREx
- VsPrfctn
- Tabris
- goozeman
- ozzeh
- RunningBon
- 2ci
- Helios
- panzer
- BadHAL
- Pharlap
- Kakarot
- c0re
- +Everyone at G-D and OGC.

Features:          < Características:
- Weapon, distance, entity
- 6 Different wallhacks
- White walls
- Inverted lighting
- Wireframe world/models
- Transparent tacticle shield
- Semi transparent entities
- Winamp Support
- No flash/smoke
- No recoil

Whats comming:
- Aimbot
- No spread
- Etc etc etc

Download : AbsoHack9.1.0.17



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  1. Não rodou. Mas não deu erro nenhum, também.
    É como se ele simplesmente não funcionasse.

  2. Hello. I’ve downloaded the hack and I can run it.

    I open the hack, load cs, hack shutsdown, I press F1 and the wallhack works etc…

    However, how do u configure the hack (different types of wh, stopping namejacking etc…

    Please reply, The wallhack that auto runs is annoying because of the green boxes round all players, u cnt tell who is who…

    • it is not so easy to configure but it works like that:
      open the absohack.xml, there you will need to change the values, for example:
      …….. ConVar name=”distance” min=”0″ max=”0″ >1
      you need to change the “1”, after the >, to 0/off or 1/on

  3. Thanks… I’ve tried doing this using notepad to change it but it wont seem to save… Do I need to use a special program? Or should I save as a new file with the same name?

    • there is no need to use special program, i use notepad normally
      see if the .xml file is set as “read only”, if it still doesn´t work (that would be strange), it is possible to copy everything at the xml file, paste it at a new file (notepad) and save it with the same name AND extension (.xml)

      btw, the newest version is

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