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[BLG] CSS Public V2

[BLG] CSS Public V2

Version 2.0 of our public cheat. Not a whole lot to mention except updated vac proofing and I added D3D player chams and weapons to the public version. Note that these chams are only one color per team T's are red, ct's are blue, weapons are purple), chameleon chams are in the v.i.p only version.

FEATURES:                    < Características

Aim Style (Bone | Vector)
Aimbot Adjustments (Height, Right, Forward)
No Recoil
No Spread
Manual Recoil
Manual Recoil Adjustments
No Flash
No Smoke
No Hands
Sky Removal
Weapon Esp
Entity Esp
XQZ Models
Health Esp
Armor Esp
Health Bar
Armor Bar
Box Esp
Auto Pistol
Anti_Anti_Aim (V.I.P Only Feature)
No Visual Recoil
Speed Hack
Speed Hack Adjustments
Unconnected Aim
Menu Descriptions
Smooth Aim
Stats Box
Aim Key
Weapon Sprites
Fountain Esp
White Walls
Enemy Only Esp
Distance Esp
Autowall (V.I.P Only Feature)
Team Killer (V.I.P Only Feature)
D3D Chams (Only one color per team, chameleon chams are in the v.i.p version only)
Player Glow (V.I.P Only Feature)
D3D Colored Weapons

Sobeit (hybrid engine/d3d idea used for chams)
Parsefloat (Old Endvac friend)
Blad3_x (Sticking with me all these years, putting up with me being an asshole )
Bunny (Great friend)
Game Deception (Used to be a good place for coders, now just a place for assholes to hang out) and g0dlike (Good friend , oldschooler like myself, very skilled coder)
Campstaff (Great old freind and supporter of all the sites I have put up)
Clan [HS], been a long time we been around and still kicking.
[HS] spec_duck , original creator of the clan and a great guy.
Flashbandit, freehand, noob123, anyone else who helps on the site.
c0re (Good coder, great friend)
Hoochie, vance, lance, w0rf, all you old Endvac bastards I know your out there somewhere, good times.
Wav (old friend , excellent coder, we had some nice games on the old PM server and some good times you got any of thos eold screens anymore?)

Whoever else i may have forgot sorry, let me know and you will be added, I did this list off the top of my head.


Download : [BLG]CSSPublicV2



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  1. Como que liga ele ????

  2. Esse hack deve ter um menu, se nao tiver um arquivo “menu”, tenta aperta INS, DEL, algumas teclas desse tipo

  3. Boas eu nao estou conseguindo plantar a bomba alguem esta com esse mesmo problema ou sabe como se resolve.Cumps

  4. Boas eu nao estou conseguindo plantar a bomba alguem sabe como resolver.CUmps

  5. eu estou tentnado entrar ele mas toda vez q eu ponho ele pra funcionar o jogo da erro e sai, com que eu resolvo isso?

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