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[BLG] Public Cheat v1

[BLG] Public Cheat v1

Finaly version 1.0 is finished. Still has a few things that need to be fixed here and there, but overall it kicks ass. This version is vac 2 proof only! If you want vac 2 proof, Cal proof, Detox, Kac, x_ray, and Cevo proof then you need to purchase our v.i.p version Everything in our v.i.p version is fully operational and ready to be used in league play or just all out raging. Version 2.0 or small updates in between will be released as needed. This cheat is vac 2 proof at day of release. We take no responsibility for you getting banned using this or any other cheat. You always cheat at your own risk. Take a look at some screenshots below, more will be added as soon as I get time. Thanks for downloading now go have some fun!

FEATURES         < Características

Aim Style (Bone | Vector)
Aimbot Adjustments (Height, Right, Forward)
No Recoil
No Spread
Manual Recoil
Manual Recoil Adjustments
No Flash
No Smoke
No Hands
Sky Removal
Weapon Esp
Entity Esp
XQZ Models
Health Esp
Armor Esp
Health Bar
Armor Bar
Box Esp
Auto Pistol
Anti_Anti_Aim (V.I.P Only Feature)
No Visual Recoil
Speed Hack
Speed Hack Adjustments
Unconnected Aim
Menu Descriptions
Smooth Aim
Stats Box
Aim Key
Weapon Sprites
Fountain Esp
White Walls
Enemy Only Esp
Distance Esp
Autowall (V.I.P Only Feature)
Team Killer (V.I.P Only Feature)
D3D Chams (V.I.P Only Feature)
Player Glow (V.I.P Only Feature)
D3D Colored Weapons (V.I.P Only Feature)

Download : [BLG]PublicCheatv1



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