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dZ Public H00k v3.0

dZ Public H00k v3.0 by Shad0w & godl1ke

[Features]        < Características

Hitbox Aimbot

Tickrate Prediction



Visual recoil

Name Esp/Weapon Esp/Health Esp

XQZ Wallhack

[How To Launch] < Como usar:

Start dzpubv3.exe
Start hl2.exe
-português: Rode o dzpubv3.exe, depois rode o CSS.

Change Log;

- Updated aa code
- Added Weapon Sprites
- Added Aim at unconnected
- Added Speed Hack

*NOTE* If you cannot get the hack to work download .NET Framework 3.5 and Directx from march 2009
(se você nao conseguir fazer funcionar, baixe o .NET Framework 3.5 e o Directx de março de 2009)

Download : dZPublicH00kv3.0



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