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Kartoffel Hack 3.4

Kartoffel Hack by -tmh- , Design by RDX
Version : 3.4 (24.06.2009)
VAC² Status: secure (No ban since > 759 days)

Features:                   < Características

sv_cheat Bypass
sv_consistency Bypass
sv_pure 1 Bypass
cvar Bypass
No flash
No smoke
no sky
no colour
Wireframe WH
Chrome Mode
Grey Mode
Get it 1.6
Headshot Helper
Sniper Cross
No Scope
Sniper Pro
Radar Health
Radar Trace
3rd Person
No Rain
Over your head
Show Impacts
Screen Cleaner
Speed Hack -
Speed Hack +
Speed Hack ++
Enable Hotkeys
Panic Key
Settings ( ini file)
Anti Detoxx
Minimize to Tray
Save Feature

New :
Some offsets changed so I had to update this 🙂 !
- All features should work


How to start :     <  Como usar:
1. Use Winrar to unpack the .rar file
2. Read the instruction ( Help)

português: descompacte o arquivo, rode o .exe e veja os comandos no help do hack

Download : KartoffelHack3.4



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