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seren1ty Aimbot r16

seren1ty Aimbot r16

Features list - Lista de características:
Aimtype <>
Aimspot <>
Aimkey <>
Aimthrough <>
Smooth <>
Lock Target <>
Aim Area <>
Draw Aimspot <>
Draw Area <>
Predict ahead <>
Predict back <>
NoRecoil <>
Silent <>
Style <>
Size <>
FarESP <>
Name <>
Weapon <>
Distance <>
Sequence <>
Always <>
Reload <>
Defuse <>
Attack <>
Factor <>

Release 16 (01/11/08):

fixed the error of release 15
added aimspot for awp
added noflash
added 5 wallhack types
added entity esp
added hit esp
nospread is now choseable
decalcorrection for nospread
improved menu control
removed advertisements

Usage - Modo de usar:
start counterstrike
start aimbot.exe
works the other way round too !
del = open/close menu
end = hack on/off (+settings saved)
navigate by using the arrow keys

- Rode o CS
- Rode o seren1ty Aimbot.exe
(ou vice-versa)
- Aperte no meio do jogo a tecla "del" (delete) e irá abrir o menu do cheat
- Use os botões de setas para navegar no menu e mudar as opções
- Aperte "endl" duas vezes para desativar ou ativar o hack e salvar as configurações


Download : seren1tyr16


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