Cheats para CS e CSS | Cheats for CS and CSS

M4_Hack v2

M4_Hack v2

**Features / Características**

|XQZ Wallhack
|ASUS Wallhack
|NoSky & NoSmoke

|+Hudcolor Blue
|+Lambert--everytime on
|+.ini [to] .txt
|+Bugs Fixed
|+New Loader

**How to start / Como Rodar**

1. Watch at settings.txt / Configure o settings.txt (Olhe o arquivo)
2. Start CS 1.6 or CZ / Rode o CS ou CZ
3. Join a server /Entre em um servidor
4. Have fun / Divirta-se

All credits are on the original txt file, nothing was changed.


Download : M4_Hackv2



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