Cheats para CS e CSS | Cheats for CS and CSS



How to use / Instruções

1. Start the hack or CS

1. Rode o hack ou o CS 1.6 (não importa a ordem)

Features / Características:

- Panickey, Menukey, Cleanscreenkey 
- Boxesp via Engfuncs and openGL - Visible ESP 
- Health ESP (Text or Bar) - Far ESP - Hit ESP (Text or Cross) 
- Step ESP (Text or Box) - Hit and Step ESP fades out - Box size, width and dynamik adjustable 
- all Farben adjustable in RGBA (for ESP) 
- Silent aimbot, Setviewangle aimbot, Pixelstyle aimbot, Triggerbot 
- Bone/Hitbox/Vektor adjustable in a separat config for each weapon 
- Aim fov can adjust itself dynamically depending on the distance to an enemy 
- Aim through - Aim delay (how long it takes until the aimbot aims or shoots) 
- Aimtime (for how long the aimbot aims or shoots) - Prediction (predicts the Aimspot) 
- Smoothness and Aimkey adjustable for Pixelaimer 
- Asus and XQZ2 Wallhacks - Lambert 
- Noflash - Nosmoke - Anti fadetoblack - Norecoil 
- Bunnyhop - Auto russenduck (buggy) - 2 different Stats for Public and War play 
- Autoscreen after 12 or 15 rounds (buggy) - and much more..

Download : HEADZOTSV2.1

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