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s7eal7h v1.0

s7eal7h v1.0
by d3n!aL

Features:                      < Características

- Triangle esp
- Perfect wallhack
- Lambert
- No smoke/flash

Things to know:                          < Instruções

- To load the cheat start s7eal7h.exe and then run the game
- In order for the cheat to work your video settings have to be in OpenGL mode
- The keys are as follows:

1 - Rode o s7eal7h.exe e depois rode o CS 1.6
2 - Para o cheat funcionar, o seu CS deve estar rodando em OpenGL
3 - Use as seguintes teclas:

F1: triangle esp
F2: wallhack
F3: lambert
F4: no smoke/flash
+ (on keypad): draw the triangles higher
- (on keypad): draw the triangles lower


Download : s7eal7hv1.0



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  1. O meu nao ta funcionando online
    Só quando eu fexo o sxe e coloco New Game ¬¬

  2. Cada Vez Gosto mais deste SITE


  3. where i can download this cheat?